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The highest correlation of Happiness comes, not from money or things, but from Community and Purpose.

Fuel your purpose.
Do it with friends.


We are a team of passionate, fully-invested, professionals whose lives are dedicated to learning more about the broad spectrum of what makes us thrive as humans. We spend our days communicating, coaching, training amazing people like you in small/medium group classes. We believe small/medium group to be the pinnacle approach to short, medium and long term wellbeing. Everyone deserves individual attention and training made unique to them, as well as how it is delivered. For this reason we are a people-based gym that has carved a path in the industry we hope others follow, one that merges all disciplines to deliver the best approach for the person standing in front of us

Regardless of our experiences in many fields from the world's best teachers, we always, always approach each member on a personal level first and always will.

The typical 'gym' has missed out on possibly the most important element of human health, and that is social interaction.

It’s for this reason we continue to nurture and grow a culture around a fully human practice, one that makes us thrive

So we do Personal Training with a group energy, and we do it like nowhere else on earth



Andy Myers

Founding Owner, Head Coach, Manager[All things The Moo Stu]

Vincent Vigouroux

Floowork, Movement + Handstand Specialist[VincentVis.com]

Richard Murphy

Weightlifing Coach[Coach Richie]

Martina Dunne

Fitness, Strength, Endurance + Precision Nutrition Coach[FitMná]

Kirsty Cully

Strength, Mobility and Functional Movement [Cully Functional]

Anthony Claffey

Uniquely brilliant Physio [AnthonyClaffey.com]

Stephen Soye

GST Strength + Prehab Coach

Gerlinde Halmer

200hrs Yoga Teacher, Designer [Sparkle with Lindy]


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