We now have a 7 strong team teaching a wide range of classes, each coach with their own style, skillset and passion for helping

Andy Myers
Role: Owner, Head Coach, Manager

You'll still see Andy here more than anyone else, with his passion still in being deeply involved with everyone in person and making sure AM Fitness runs smoothly day to day. Andy leads the main membership classes, Mum+Baby classes, Teen classes and makes the Saturday classes the best start to anyones weekend. Our team has been built around Andy's vision, honesty, ethics and attitude towards a good life, as well as his big picture view on how Movement and a people first approach is the route to a successful fitness lifestyle.


Vincent Vis
Role: Floorwork Specialist, Handstand Coach, Creative Soul and Master deconstructor of movement.

Vincent has earned his reputation around Dublin, London + Paris for his ability to teach deep subjects with grace and ease. You can catch his content at vincentvis.com and see him at AM Fitness and around Dublin doing what only he can do. Truly unique, with an extensive background in Circus, Martial Arts, Dance and Fitness, he is tireless in his pursuit and practice of movement.


Richard Murphy
Role: Weightlifting Coach

Richard brings personality, enthusiasm and patience unmatched by anyone I've ever met. You'll catch him on Monday's, helping beginners learn to lift well and laughing their way through the process. Richard is an absolute diamond! With a big family outside of the gym, Richard is a model of how we can all get things done minus the stress.


Martina Dunne
Role: Nutrition+Fitness coach

Martina is a qualified personal trainer and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach. She
specialises in personal training, nutritional coaching and corporate wellness programmes.
With a strong background in sports, Martina applies a holistic approach to fitness, recognising that fitness, nutrition and sleep are linked and essential to promote health and well being.
Whether you are interested in general health and fitness, dealing with stress management or achieving body shaping results, Martina can design a programme for you. She also focuses on pre and post natal health and is passionate about supporting women through every stage of their health journey. She is a personable and a natural communicator who keeps her clients motivated through reminders, education and fitness and food journals. As the saying goes abs are built in the kitchen! With Precision Nutrition coaching at the core of Martina's principles this will help you develop and progress towards your personal wellness goals by empowering you to take responsibility for your own health. Through practical education she will help you to make healthy eating become a part of your lifestyle. This will enable you to achieve sustainable results.

Frederik Beck
Role: Repatterning Stretching + Strength Coach

Frederik has a deep background in the art of Repatterning Stretching [The extensive work of Dave Wardman]. His stretching classes are not simply being pushed into a stretched, rather the opposite. From Denmark originally, Frederik spent some years interning under the world-renowned Kit Laughlin and aforementioned Dave Wardman. Fred is a Goliath who can not only display fantastic ranges of motion, but is also strong as an Ox! Fred offers personal training and small group classes in both strength training and his Repatterning Stretching, Thursdays and Sundays

Anthony Claffey
Role: Anthony Claffey Therapeutics

Anthony, one of our original members, has grown into quite simply one of the most amazing people I know. With a practice in Northbrook Clinic, Anthony has become our go-to for people who have pain or issues they can't resolve. His ability to help people with their pain is unmatched, in my experience. He is still very much AM Fitness family and having him as a referral for our members has proved priceless. AM Fitness generally provide a consistent positive physical and social environment which is of the utmost importance in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Anthony is there when there is something more specific needed, and we feel that between the two people are always in safe hands


A few years ago, when it was just Andy, Anthony and Vincent, we met with Ardour [our favourite Clothing for Movers brand] for a chat. We love how it turned out. Check Ardour out here


Established since 2010, AM Fitness has brought a fresh approach to fitness in Ireland, promoting Movement and a healthy relationship with training. We currently have 4 coaches who, while working from the same principles, come with different skill sets, methods and their own unique voices. This enables us to help people in a strength/mobility/fitness sense, an injury/posture/rehab sense and a Movement/Expression/Skill sense. From the moment you walk through the doors you will feel a sense of belonging, a welcoming feel from a solid membership - all of whom have become good friends through achieving goals together and helping one another along the way.

We are constantly evolving an already solid philosophy of training that champions unravelling the layers holding people back from showing how strong and capable they are. We believe there is no real strength without mobility and no real mobility without strength. For this reason we hold both Strength & Mobility in equal importance. Gymnastic Strength Training ties in well with what we believe in and weight training does too. We use barbells predominantly for squatting, lifting and helping us stretch. We get 90% of our upper body and core training using Bodyweight, using the Gymnastic Rings, Stahl bars and the floor space for Handstands, Balancing & Flow - for those who choose to do so. We also believe that most people actually need more rehab/prehab and structural work to fix modern-day issues so we have a major focus on shoulders, hips, feet and the spine. Back pain, Posture, Tight Hips & Sore Shoulders are all things we take seriously. We are constantly putting our money where our mouth is to make sure we can assess and treat you for what you need as soon as you walk in the door - so we think like physio's when it comes to the details. As a collective, we have all travelled across the globe to learn from the world's best. We have also been fortunate to have hosted some of them too.

We're here because we're standing on the shoulders of the following giants

  • We have moved with IdoTom, Jon and Jozef.
  • We have stood on hands with Yuval, Mikael, Nicolas, Emmet, Sainaa, + Yuri
  • We developed our foundation from Tony Ben.
  • We stretched with KitEmmet, Craig, Dave and Frederik.
  • We learned body composition from Phil Christian.
  • We learned strength from Tom @ Westside Barbell, Jacob Tsypkin, Alex Viada
  • We put on classes with 3fe coffee because we love community.
  • We spent more time learning in the background, broke the rules and learned the do's and don'ts our way so we have the most honest advice and experience for everyone who walks through our doors.
  • We danced, fought, climbed, crawled, lifted, swam... all for a very significant period of time - we did well, too.
  • We are Anatomy in Motion qualified and currently becoming physiotherapists. The list goes on - with great pride.
  • We host one of the best physiotherapists we have ever met; David McGettigan of The Epic Approach, 3 times a year.
  • Tony Riddle held his Worrier to Warrior talks here.
  • Emmet ran his Modern Methods of Mobility workshops here.
  • Movement Brain hosted their Pain workshop from our studio.
  • Danny Lennon brought a Sigma Nutrition Fat Loss & Body composition seminar here.
  • And there is much more to come as we all continue to grow and offer you the very, very best in Movement, Communication & Community as the medicine.