Link to Anthony's website

Anthony is an Anatomy in Motion practitioner, bodywork therapist, movement specialist, personal trainer and handstand coach, who's extremely passionate about helping you move better, feel better and ultimately live a pain-free life.

My thoughts on Anthony, by Andy Myers

Anthony has been a cornerstone of our direction of growth here since joining as a member in 2012. Growing into a coach over a few years, and most recently digging even deeper into helping people by becoming a unique therapist (website here), he is quite simply family through and through and someone I trust without hesitation.

As the owner of AM Fitness, it is the ultimate feeling to have been a catalyst for such growth, and the unravelling of someone finding their passion. I am not taking credit, I am just thankful to have witnessed it all thus far.

It goes without saying, I personally recommend Anthony as the go-to therapist for structural work. I think he is part of a new era of people changing the perception of a 'wham! bam! 30 minute in'n'out physio session', into a longer duration completely bespoke, deeply personal approach. He understands the big picture, walks the walk every day and although he doesn't physically coach here anymore, he is every bit AM Fitness