2014 closes - Open 2015 with a dose of reality.

I'll keep this one short and sweet.

I love to take time to be grateful (I do it habitually at this stage - I don't really have to stop and consciously do it). Milestones always provoke some reflection, though: birthdays, Christmas, New Years.

So, I want to say a thank you to everyone who has been involved in my life this year - as a business owner and human it has been everything you should expect from a bunch of days strung together to form a bigger thing.

I am sitting in the same coffee shop I sat in this time last year, and I'm sitting here now feeling like I have evolved this year more than any. Last year I had a business that was in a huge transition - I was making the switch to having my own premises. I was becoming a Mover instead of a personal trainer, and having a philosophy instead of a bunch of classes. This time last year I had two friends in Mark and Colm reach out and help me in the best way possible, give me an awareness of what is wrong, and the tools go to and fix it. Not do it for me, but put me on the right path. That was priceless.
So here I sat, writing page after page of my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats - beautifully and interestingly mutually inclusive.

That exercise changed so much, and if I can recommend you do one thing as an exercise to actually get real with yourself, I challenge you to shut out the world for 2 hours, grab a pen and 4 pages... and start writing! You can be extremely honest with yourself when nobody is judging you, from that place you can change your life.

One simple realization can trigger an avalanche.

I feel like I have made more mistake this year than ever, let go of more things than ever, got out of my comfort zone more than ever, let go of any ego more than ever, got my ass kicked more than ever... effectively internally, and externally, to some extent, destroyed and rebuilt myself. 

It's not really an easy thing to do but in order to grow... things have to break on some scale.

I put my money where my mouth is, I faced up to a heap of weaknesses in character, in knowledge, in ability... in any area I could identify, and I worked on them.

I also wrote down my strengths and unashamedly wrote down exactly what I was capable of with a confidence that I can, and will, make a change with what I have in my toolbox or what I have already worked to develop.

I wrote down any visible opportunities I could see and I wrote down what threats were immediate, distant and realistic, and acknowledged that anything can happen regardless... so roll with the inevitable punches.

So this year, everything changed, none of it was easy but lots of it was fun. 

I hope you can afford yourself the mental space, financial stability, social support, emotional openness and physical action to become a better, stronger, happier you in 2015. 

The world is yours - they say life is short but fuck that, life is long if you're not where you want to be. So, with love, and a wink...

Go Fuck Shit Up In 2015 ;)
To all of the coaches, friends, family, movers, minds and mentors, near and far... thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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