Silver lining in everything

The grammar police got me!

I had a chat yesterday with a good friend. He brought up the fact that I hop from saying 'I' to 'We' in the same sentence when I am talking about the goings-on in my(our?) studio.

I'm a tacit learner and can't always put words to why I do certain things, but the reasoning always pops up sooner or later.

'I' am me; Andy, the trainer, owner, and most things AM Fitness.

'We' is you; the members, heart and soul, vibe, subject, personality, the reason that AM Fitness thrives.

I work my ass off to make my studio the best it can be for you, but you add something that I simply can't no matter how hard I try. You create the atmosphere and make it as special as it is.

So when you read something grammatically incorrect please understand that first, I love bending the rules where personality has to break through type, and second... that I am important because I opened this little monster, but You are far more important because you make it what it is every single day.

'We' is me plus you. It takes all of us to make this studio in Terenure special and hopefully you feel that gratitude in person every time you come here.

You're all encouraged to be yourself and enjoy the company here because that, to me, is a huge piece of your health puzzle.

I'm thankful for you all as friends and members.

The ‘client’ word got thrown out a long time ago with the aim of being authentic and great things have happened with this shift in attitude.

As with anything, we believe a solid foundation is key to being successful. Principles. Ethics. Characteristics. Individuality. All things we hold dear.

We help lay a solid foundation and then get you to do it your way with our guidance.

In between writing this mini-blog I was fortunate to bump into two young entrepreneurs, both of whom I have learned a lot from since starting a business that comes from the heart. The take away point I got from the two chats was this - It's good to get moments of affirmation every once in a while, that sticking to good principles while things aren't always going well will pay off if you truly believe in what you do. In a new venture, stepping out of your comfort zone is an absolute must. But if you have your 'why' then it should rarely be in doubt. In this particular instance, I go buy coffee and pay for parking I can't always afford just to live like the person I want to be. I could stay at home and settle, but getting off my ass and doing something I believe in has given me the almost instant reward of affirmation that the right things are happening. Not to mention that in the process I have got a new client and strengthened bonds with like-minded people.

This kind of went off on a tangent but hopefully I can tie it back to this... we are all individual and 1) Should demand to be treated as such and more importantly, 2) Should treat ourselves as such and follow our gut with confidence.

That is the type of stuff that makes you special and is the reason you should be around people who are doing it too! It helps to surround yourself with those who are on the path you want to be on. Remember, we are all about Freedom, Confidence and Happiness here. The most important thing you can do is take a step in the direction you want... and then another... and then another...

My parking just cost a lot more than the 2 hours I paid for originally, it's about the seeds you plant each day, not the harvest you reap straight away.

I hope you got something from this if you made it this far.

Get in touch for a free consultation and intro class if you would like to be a part of this, there are only a handful of spaces left before I have to knock down some walls and make the studio a wee bit bigger. 

Thanks for taking time out to read. Feedback, good or bad is always welcome.

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