On eating...

The key to understanding what to eat is not to focus on what ‘diet’ works. It is to understand our digestive system, how it has adapted over time and what it needs to function properly. Getting healthy has to be our aim. The rest will fall into place.
— Andy

So, an assortment of things to ponder on your journey to becoming a healthy, lean you. No percentages, magic bullets or guarantees, just guidelines to assist you in finding what works for you. Take responsibility to do your own homework and educate yourself and by all means feel free to ask for advice and. This is not definitive but will be updated when necessary.

- Balance protein, carbs and fats in each meal
- Aim to control blood sugar levels
- To to satisfaction, not fullness
- Be mindful and grateful for the food on your plate. Take your time.
- Make sure you have time to rest and digest.
- Protein should come from organic, natural sources as often as possible
- Carbs should be mostly vegetables, some fruit and some starch.
- Fats should be quality, such as coconut oil, real butter, avocado, animal fats.
- The amount and timing of the above is very important and optimal use of these as fuel for health is dependent on your training time, type, intensity and general lifestyle.
- Water should be flouride-free. Investing in an RO filter is recommended.
- Research alkalising foods. A healthy PH balance is important. Test with PH strips.
- Eat anti-inflammatory foods.
- Avoid gluten, most dairy, sugars and processed foods.
- Eat to perform and recover. Do not eat by emotion.
- Learn about defficiency and supplement accordingly.
- Fish oils oxidize in your body temperature, they may not be your best choice of fats.
- Learn your somatotype and eat accordingly
- Sleep, stress, happiness, exercise, hydration are crucial.
- Paleo is a good guideline, just like the Ten Commandments. You don't have to be a bible basher and you should break the rules for you own sanity once in a while, but respect the obvious
- Coconut oil is your very best friend for so many reasons. Get googling.
- Physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs have got to be met
- Hormone profile tests and food intolerance testing is recommended if progress is stagnant
- Toxicity is a killer in everything from your make up to product packaging and your thoughts.
- You will do more for your health by getting rid of bad things before thinking of adding things.
- The diet that made is human is the diet that will keep us human
- Detox your liver. It's the key to fat loss
- Chronic stress inhibits stomach acid production. No stomach acid is bad news. Look into supplementing HCL protocols to find out if you're producing or not.
- You should have 3-5 bowel movements per day. If not, look again at HCL protocols and digestive enzymes.
- There is no such thing as a healthy fat person.
- Your thyroid is important. Very important.
- Cortisol. Leptin. Ghrelin. Get googling.
- Superfoods. Tumeric. Ginger. Spirulina. Kale. Get googling.
- Raw food for a period of time is recommended.
- Eating anything to often and too consistently will promote developing an intolerance. Mix it up!
- Go easy on the caffeine there, Cowboy. Give your liver a chance to look after the business.
- Your life shouldn't revolve around food. Not every event has to be punctuated with a meal.
- You most likely were raised with an emotional attachment to food. It's up to you to learn your way past it, with the help of us, of course.

Everything in moderation, including moderation
— Oscar Wilde

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