What does freedom, confidence and happiness look like in your 60's?

So, anyone who knows me knows I love two clients more than anyone and I am not shy about saying it. You can skip to the video to find out why but I would love to put context behind it so you can appreciate it.

These two ladies - Bernadette, 62, and Adelaide, 65, are both personal training clients of mine who initially started 1 to 1 sessions a while back. Both came unable to move to any sort of acceptable capacity in my book. With Bernadette dealing with serious illness previously, and a body so deconditioned that she managed to tear her knee cartilidge just walking, and Adelaide dealing with the postural issues that came with being a gardener most of her adult life, I had two very interesting tasks.
To say both are shining examples of what is possible at any age is a dramatic understatement.

In 6 weeks Adelaide managed to all but eradicate her plaguing posture, going from walking like what could justly be described as an old person to gliding along like the confident, strong woman she is (and believe me, she is strong. She can do pushups. Man pushups, at 65 years old!!).

Bernadette came to me last year wanting to lose weight for a wedding in Australia. With a body that couldn't walk for long, an arm that wasn't supposed to lift more than a bag of sugar, but an attitude that wanted to get stuff done. And that's all we needed. With great back and forth communication, me pushing and her putting me in my place we managed to fit into the famous dress she hadn't stopped talking about for 10 weeks. That was her victory. My win was that she is now a lady who can run (yes, run!), jump, twist, punch, pivot, balance, push, pull, lift... you name it. I am so proud of what I have helped her achieve in the last  6 months. Considering I had to risk a lot by following what I believed in doing when it meant doing everything her physio told her not to. It meant the world to me when she told me her physio was delighted with her progress and said whatever she was doing... keep doing it!

So... the video... in the context of two marvelous ladies who were unable to move properly for too long a portion of their lives, we have this amazing display of spontaneity where movement just came without a second guess.
I had them doing a nice warm up game where one person controls the other by keeping contact at the wrist and being led to wherever the leader puts them... that was fine, we had stopped to clarify what exactly the aim was. That's where the video starts... and then the music changed...

Enjoy :)


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