You, Me, Him & Her - Hometown Heroes

A day in Dublin with Conor McGregor - Click here for the video which is one hour long and the obvious inspiration behind this post.

I have a deep, deep love of non-contrived, honest communication. (The reverse is true but we don't put the H word out there)

Recently, I started writing down things clients say when we talk, and most recently, today, I just stuck the phone on record as one of my friends was talking about nutrition. 
If I asked for a testimonial, or asked him his thoughts on nutrition, on camera, those two things would be over thought and just not as honest - not for the wrong reasons, just because it wasn't natural. It's a funny thing... writing down what people say when they're just talking as normal. It reads beautifully and will hopefully shine as a wee project of mine soon.

Back to the video and the man at centre stage.

From Conors ability to dream big and use creative visualisation, to his work ethic, confidence and self-belief... his ability to find beauty in simplicity, his positivity and his want to just be himself, do what he does. His shunning of energy that doesn't serve him or grow him. His appreciation of the blessing in disguise. The killer instinct. Walking around like a real life Rocky... just a dude from down the road. There's so much to be learned from just watching him. It's not arrogance, it's self esteem of the highest order. The foundation is so strong!

I had the pleasure of meeting him last week and genuinely it was just like he was one of the lads.

He is, though.

I know so many people who have this impact on me and I hope some feel the same of me. That's the energy we create, the family we grow, the community we nurture.

Everyone has the ability to be a champion any given day to someone.

Everyone has the ability to make an impact on any level they want.

I am seeing it with easily 5 friends right now and even at that I see it in more when they're ready.

This weekend we have a handful of Irish lads, all of whom a decent bunch of my friends know, fighting on the world stage.

That's so close to home.

The world is so small.

Go pursue your f@cking dream. Support everyone else who is, too.
— Andy

Take time to walk around your city(and the beaches and mountains) in the sun being appreciative of what you have.

Enjoy the video. It's simplicity at its finest.

Thanks for reading.


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