The Feels.

Following the last blog on Tracking, I think it’s important now to have a quick word about what to do with your new found awareness. Touching on how to develop the ability to change and making sure you know why you are tracking in the first place; I will be assuming a broad goal for you here - This time around we will be talking about the process to developing your own feel for everything in your life. It's invaluable and if it's something you don't really have a hold on then this should really help.

The feels; Shorthand for the word ‘feelings’. To perceive through those senses that are not referred to any special organ.

Your journey is your journey. You should have your reason doing what you're doing and it should not be based on anyone else's goals, ideals, philosophies or direction. If you don't have your own idea of what you want then..... what? You're a sheep.

— Is this you?

Admittedly, and unfortunately, I spent a large chunk of my life with no direction. It took a near-death experience for me to wake up - Fast motorbike. Lucky boy. Lesson learned. Start living and doing things I want - My way. 
Enough about me.

If you have your goal and your reason for pursuing it then you have direction. We want to show you the best route and, more importantly, give you the tools to make it there and wherever else you want to go after that, regardless of the variables.
A to B goals are nice (an example being a short term goal like losing weight for an event), but you're gonna be hopping all over the alphabet for the rest of your life because the path to success isn't linear, so that A to B should be spent developing a strong foundation and that foundation should be focused on you learning - because we want something sustainable.
Teach a man to fish, and all that...
You need to develop a skill set that will serve you for everything you do in the future. Reverting back to the last blog, that should be based around your Physical, Social, Spiritual and Emotional needs. Without the intention to learn what works for you, you will remain reliant on others. That's not a good place to be and at some stage that will bite you in the ass.

Never mistake movement for action
— Ernest Hemmingway

Off on a wee tangent we go in order to understand how to develop our self-knowledge. Let’s have a quick look at The 4 Stages Of Learning. Understanding that everything across this subject can be treated as a skill, then this is something that applies to every practice you will come across in your life, because skills cannot be developed without you going through these four stages.

Here’s how we learn...

Stage 1.  We are unaware we can’t do something. (Unconsciously incompetent)

Stage 2. Someone or something brings it to our attention and now we know we can’t do it. Yet.(Consciously incompetent)

Stage 3. Through practice and guidance, hopefully under a great mentor or model, teaching us the proper technique/method, we become good at the desired skill, while still having to think about it. (Consciously competent)

Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Stage 4. We do it so often and so well that it becomes second nature. (Unconsciously competent). Riding a bike or driving a car. Posture. Positive or negative thoughts. 

Let stage 4 be a strong reminder of who you are. The things you repeatedly do... that’s you!! Positive or negative. Strong or weak. Happy or sad. Helpful or harmful. Loving or hating. You have gotten to a stage where whichever of the above is so ingrained in you that it literally is who you are. This is a dangerous place to be if you are on the dark side. Take note. Wake up.
The beauty of this is that once you acknowledge that you want to change, or strengthen, you have the process right before your eyes
— Andy


Tracking is your way of making it out of Stage 1. Holy sh!t... Your eating habits suck and you haven’t spent time with your brother in over a month! Okay maybe that second one was me. #Digress *Update, I got to spend a great evening with my brother and family yesterday before this got published. Practice what you preach and all that. 

And when you get to stage 2 you don't wanna spend too much time there. Why would you?! You know you need to start working on your weaknesses because you’re only as strong as your weakest point. We all have weaknesses, I don’t care how alpha you are - you are not the man in every environment. Not yet, Daniel-San.

Congrats, though. You’ve become responsible and nobody had to do it for you. You’re building a strong foundation to being a whopper human. Look at you go... thinking about your posture and all, with your upright self. Good job! Stage 3 in full effect.

Hopefully by stage 3 you have taken the responsibility to choose a great mentor, coach or role model. (I remember reading Anthony Robbins’ Unlimited Power a few years back and one of the many things I got from it, which I had already practiced but never had the phrase for, was the power of Modelling. It worked well for me because I am a good visual learner and at the time was extremely driven to work my ass off at what I wanted to develop. That meant that I found out as much as possible regarding every detail about what I wanted, how to get it, understand it and develop it then I lived it 24/7 until I had a skill set that was second nature to me.)
This Modelling approach is pretty much stage 3 in action - Choose the person who is the best at what you want to do and find out how they do it. You need to dig for every detail of their process - The work they put in, their mentality, drive, focus, desire, strengths, weaknesses, the people they're around, their environment...  find out as much about their process as you can and apply it to yourself.
Sidenote *Athletes generally don't make great coaches, so your process should actually be to seek those who develop the greats and learn from them. Seek the environment to cultivate your talents and grow your habits with perfect practice*
The internet has made information so readily available now that if you haven’t done something you wanted to... you’re probably to blame. Hopefully this is another stepping stone for you, though. The kick up the derriere of consciousness to get going.

The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it
— Jordan Belfort
If something’s missing or needs changing, find out what it is. When you find out what it is, find out how to sort it out. When you find out how, work your ass off until it’s no more. Work it so well that your foundation is so strong that you’re not the person you were before. Discover. Learn. Practice. Apply. Affirm. Enjoy
— Andy

Your end game should be to develop Feeling. You should become the person who knows her own body, knows what she likes to eat, knows when the stress levels are too high. Be that dude that knows full well he is over-trained/under-recovered - Be the one asking if he is doing it correctly, if he could do it differently, do it better. 

Be the person who wakes up in control. Who knows when to push and when to pull. Over the course of your (training)life you will have numerous experiences. You will feel on top of the world. You will feel down in the dumps. You will be so sore you can barely walk and you will be so fit you walk around with the confidence you deserve. The journey should teach you many things and you should be learning every single step of the way. Get to the stage where you know yourself inside and out, and that you are aware of each choice you make and what the outcome will be. You are born a very instinctual person. The world wants to dull that down by trying to make life easier for you but the world wants to make you soft. Comfort is an illusion, a dangerous one. Get strong.

Life is about balance, and the more you know about yourself the more control you have over how far you can sway your balance without falling over. One thing I am happy about myself is that I am very aware of myself. Although I can still be hard on myself when I shift the balance one direction I know full well that that's a micro within a healthy macro.. Sometimes we need to drop the microscope and look on a larger scale. ‘Will this kill me? If you eat it every day for a year, yes. Just for today? Nah, kid, go ahead, we know by now you will be living well as soon as you wake up tomorrow.'

Dosage is everything. The same thing that can kill you can make you stronger. You have to know how much exposure will benefit you.

So take it all in. Don’t follow blindly, learn along the way how to be the worlds expert on yourself. They say ultimately the best coaches teach students to not need them anymore. That’s the goal here from us to you. If you became an expert on yourself you will become a very useful person to others. I've long believed that true success is about becoming a person of value to others.

Develop your feels. Model yourself on someone who already has what you want and be in the environment where you can become that - the dream version of yourself. Tailor it along the way as you learn. Share your story and help others to do the same.

Each one, Teach one.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feedback or stories then please feel very welcome to get in touch

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