Recommended eating in Dublin

...Because no good story starts with someone eating a salad. Except today. Today was great. I ate a salad... and today was great, because I don’t have to poison myself to make today great.
— Andy

I spent a bit of down time walking around my city today to clear the head and let the summer heat and beauty of Dublin feed me some inspiration, hitting spots I wouldn't normally (or perhaps just paying more attention). I popped into Kaph to grab a morning coffee (working my way through lovindublins top 10 coffee list) and took advantage of the loading bay to enjoy my coffee, using my car as support while answered a few emails (clients rock, by the way).

Anyway, I popped my head up to take in more of the real world and noticed the place right in front of me... Blazing Salads - Win for the name alone!! I then noticed a sh!tload of awards on the wall and figured it was worth a look. After a long weekend of enjoying maybe too much pulled pork (weh-haaaaaaaay) I am thinking a couple days of raw food, or a high percentage of raw food will be good for the soul. No better place to start. Simply put, they have a great variety of salads to choose from - grab a box, put in what you want, get it weighed, and RUN!! I mean - pay, enjoy.
I put in about 6 different salads to try as much as possible. It was all delicious, a shade under €5, fulfilling, nutritious... and a break from high protein for at least one meal of the day.

Oh, you don’t win friends with salad
— Bart Simpson

Raw food once a week or for 3 consecutive days every month is recommended. You need to give your body some randomness, and taking a break from your routine is important, not only to let your liver do its thing but to also avoid developing intolerance through overuse. Mix it up, pardon the pun.
On my trip to the Isle of Wight last month we had a day of raw food and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it... you get the right food together and there's a whole lot of chewing, flavour, texture and feeling of wellbeing that you don't quite get with other food. Try it, it's the absolute form of satiety that you want to feel. No bloated feeling. No indulgence. It's responsible, smart and healthy. My energy levels were rocketed, my mental sharpness was on point and my general feeling was, as they say in France... 'ealthy.

Places like Blazing Salads are becoming more and more commonplace, which is awesome. Go getcha some and let us know what you think. 

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