A 2 minute Stress Response wake-up call.

Zebras don't get ulcers.

We hear some negative self-talk here often enough with newcomers. For some people it's just chit-chat and for others they actually believe they are useless.

Consider this... it has been shown time and again that your perspective on things outweighs your rank, position, ability, starting point... etc etc etc

Your stress response is determined by your interpretation of where you're at, how you're doing and where you're going, whether you're competing with yourself, or with someone else. The list goes on... you have a viewpoint that feeds your good wolfy or your big bad wolf.

What are you aiming for? Are you heaping pressure on yourself or steadily improving at something achievable each day?

Your half full/half empty is important... but from there recognize that

1) It’s your glass.
2) Fill it or empty it, it’s yours
3) Choose what you fill it with, it’s yours
4) Take it from one place to another, you own it.
5) Throw it against a wall. It’s yours to smash up.
6) Accept the ownership and take control.


And they all start in your head.

Take 5 things today and put them on their arse, view them the complete opposite and see what happens. Both good and bad.

The feeling in your stomach when someone cuts you off in traffic.. tune in to that. That's stress. Breathe slow... curse, laugh.. and let the next car out. Compare the feelings.

The feeling when you smile at a randomer and they smile back... tune into that feeling. That's what's up.

Smile more often. Turn each situation into something good.

If you can't, find a new situation.

For a small but relative percentage of importance, it’s not always what you eat but HOW you eat.
— Andy

That last one right thurrrr is gold right thurrr

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