Handstands at Wellfest 2016

Last year we had the pleasure of having the most craic at Wellfest's inaugural weekend, hosting our Play Workshop.

This year we plan on having the most craic again, but this time doing it with HANDSTANDS!

Our focus then was on people, moving their body and having fun with one another; Acting Interacting, Reacting.

Our focus this time is the same... but this year we will be using our knowledge in Handstands as the medium.

Coaches Andy Myers, Anthony Claffey and Vincent Vis will be leading a class of 20 people into the experience of being upside down... and with the added fun of having no walls to practice on we will be only too happy to need to use the help of humans for assistance.

Over the course of 60 minutes we will give you the most important things you need to know to achieve a Handstand consistently, have a boatload of fun doing so and having you smiling from 4pm Saturday 'til Monday morning - Guaranteed!

We host our Handstands & Coffee classes each week in Terenure -alwaysmove.com/handstandsandcoffee - and cater for all levels each and every week, so, regardless of your experience we encourage you to grab your Wellfest tickets and sign up to our class... you have no idea how good you will feel if you've never done it before.

Andrew MyersComment