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If perfection is a photograph, rebalance is a movie.

I was asked to sum up what I learned in 2015 that I could pass on to people for 2016. When I thought about it there was this one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb throughout the year - a common thing we all share.

In a year where we preached and practiced individualizing and tailoring at AM Fitness and devoted ALL of our energy to finding the best ways we could to get people back their strength and freedom, I am here knowing still that they are just methods and that if there is no principle or understanding behind the methods then any change made will be limited change. Something may change but someone won't.

Everyone talks about Balance; finding balance, as if that was it; Once you have found balance then you are sorted for life.

By it's nature that is a goal-oriented thought process - not a process at all, then, just a goal.

The thing about balance is, though... that it's relatively unattainable. At best it is fleeting if achieved because the only time we are truly statically balanced... is when we are dead.

That unveils our principle for 2016 (and hopefully for ever after), which is:

Life is not about balance. Life is about Rebalance.

Like a decent punch, life is not about stopping to admire your work, it is about staying moving before you get hit back. It is being able to adapt if you do get hit. Fuck it... it is about stepping in the ring to begin with to live it up instead of watching from your comfy couch!

If you choose to think this way then you can almost instantly change everything about your life. One simple reframing, change of attitude and acceptance of reality can alter how you work and why, how to help your relationships thrive and what 'fitness' you choose, be it CrossFit, Yoga, Movement, Martial Arts or Dance. It can help everything. 

When you choose to understand that it will never be there: the time where you are just blissfully floating in money, health, love, mind, body and soul, then you will embrace the fact that every day is an opportunity to enjoy a life you shape and reshape, a life where up and down is the most natural thing in the world and where round and round is something you are aiming for.

It also presents you with another reality

Are you able to rebalance?

When life goes one way are you strong, agile, smart, alert, connected and passionate enough to bring it back to the middle?  Have you the support network and communication skills to ask for help?

Rebalance is the big picture - it IS the process.

Goals are milestones, not finish lines, and if you are only as strong as your weakest link then we should all agree to embrace the terms spent on strengthening weak points to become a stronger generalist, a stronger human...

...without losing sight of the fact that your daily process of EAT, MOVE, SLEEP, DRINK, THINK should heal and grow your EMOTION, SOCIAL, PHYSICAL AND SPIRIT over the long term. The things you choose should move you closer to your natural state and not further from any issues you have that need to be addressed.

For any person at any given time of their life it can be absolutely anything that can feed the above and it is not for us to say who does it better or not, or what the 'right thing to do' is - all I know is that everyone has their own life to live and that even in my own experience lifting weights helped WHEN I did it. Fighting & Competing helped, WHEN I needed it. Taking a break from everything helped, WHEN I needed it... etc etc etc
(Of course most of my days over the last 3 years have been spent undoing the badness that lifting weights and fighting have done to me, but that's a topic for another day - they were EXACTLY what I needed when I was doing them both and I would not be who I am without having done them.)

This is written with love in mind, love and happiness. We all want it, so this is the best I can offer you in terms of advice from what I have learned.

Go where your instinct leads you, but do it with good intention: put your happiness first.

'The idea behind the work is more important than the work itself. Once you have your mind right, the work becomes a joy' -  The E-Myth

As AM Fitness evolves, what we do becomes easier to put into words. We are here to facilitate growth, to offer a process that gives Freedom, Confidence and Happiness to each and every single person who walks through our doors. It starts with Movement of course, but as our relationship with each person develops we have found ourselves able to offer much more than fitness. We truly believe in people being the determining factor of quality of life. And so we are thankful that so many of you are in our lives each day.

Sin é

Thank you and Happy New Year


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