Reciprocal Inhibition

Time is not our currency.

Energy is.

The more important your time gets - baby on the way, business to grow, life to enjoy - the more valuable your choices become. You get away with things when there isn't an increasing leverage behind them, but when minutes count and stress can just flip on you, when there 'aren't enough hours in the day' and when there's every excuse under the sun to not do the work you realise that it's not about stress nor time... as always, it is simply about choices.

The choice you make determines the response. The stimulus creates the stimulus. 

I have always said that energy is my religion. You create it and it will reciprocate. It gives back. If you don’t create it or give into it if it is in the room then you get nothing.

It's so fitness-cliché to tell everyone to make time to move, but it's true - either you create energy for yourself or you don't. You take control or you let life control you. That lack of taking control is commonly known to be the source of most people's anxiety - powerlessness. And I suppose that ties to what I am saying here; there are always things that you can take control of. Control in one area creates the energy to control more areas and bit by bit energy takes precedence over time. Days have meaning and fulfillment, you are not submissive to time, you are assertive about what you do with it!

There are countless examples of members here that work tough jobs, are in college and of course have families to love. To some that is enough to say 'I don't have time to train'. For others, they acknowledge that without training they wouldn't have the energy to do the rest of it properly. 

It's individual perspective, choice or ignorance, but only those who have a practice that serves their soul, or simply energizes their body and keeps the mental health demons at bay will understand just how much of life is improved by quality movement each day. 

This little post is inspired by the fact that have started training full on again after a period late last year where I let thoughts of baby and business distract me from what I do best. I have 2 training sessions today, the first one; a Catalyst Athletics Starter program 4-5 times per week at 11am and the second one; a Move & Flow session with Vincent at 4.30pm on 3 of those days. There will be a 2 hour climbing session each Friday evening and the rest is gaps to be filled in based on feel. Monday was the start and I managed to get up at 5.50am to eat, take classes from 6.30am til 11am, train, eat, rest, do a ton of admin work and train again before the evenings classes. The whole day just felt great, and I was tired and ready for bed, as one should be, around 9.30pm. A full day :)

Coach Vincent with some Movement Exploration - His Move & Flow classes are Wednesdays 8pm & Saturdays 1pm - Contact to book your place

It is one of those paradoxes that the more you do the more you get back. You just have to pay it forward.

When it comes to yourself... give to receive. 

If you are hesitant to join a Gym, Movement Studio, CrossFit, Yoga, Climbing or your own practice, just start. There will be people there and people are nice. There will be music on and music hath powers. There will be an atmosphere that looks after you, and when your hour is done and you are driving home you will feel more alive than tired and will you have created energy that will enhance your want to fix every other area of your life too: Food, Sleep, Stress, Hydration, Relationships... and on the list goes.

You gotta start somewhere, start with the belief that your quality of life will dramatically improve when you make yourself a priority. Moving is great, getting stronger because of it is even better. The sense of control that gives you will result in confidence and energy and enthusiasm and will keep building.

Ways to create energy

Enthusiasm > Negativity

Movement > Stagnation

Environment > Isolation

Nutrition > Starvation

Inspiration > Boredom

Don't inhibit your ability to start the cycle of good things that will snowball into better things.

Pay it forward. 

Thank you for reading


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