Movement for Wellness: Wellfest 2015


Hi all,

I hope this blog finds you all in good shape or moving towards it. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Socially in good shape.

With this guest blog for the 40 day build up to Wellfest which we are proud to be a part of, hosting our Movement Workshop, we were asked to talk about an area we 'specialise' in. 

At AM Fitness we are known for our love of Movement. BUT, in reality we deal in people and Movement is just the widget. Movement could be CrossFit, it could be Yoga... it could be anything that allows us coaches to help people. 

Movement happens to allow us a huge playing field, though - very little to limit us, a big tool box to choose from and a big enough dogma to last a lifetime of learning and helping people.

So... a shortened version of the list of human needs gives us something we consider to be of real importance. Beyond sets and reps the bigger picture of WHY is that we all have needs that need to be met in order to be healthy, well, and to put forth our AM Fitness goal for our members... feel FREEDOM, HAPPINESS & CONFIDENCE.

The list then: 

Physical needs

Emotional needs

Social needs

Spiritual needs (your own belief system 😉) 

Can we tick those boxes by getting you in shape, having human contact, challenging your body to move, being in a nuturing environment, laughing, playing, trying, failing and succeeding, growing, crying(it happens), feeling like you're somebody, aiming to be better and seeing it happen, becoming stronger, more confident, challenging yourself and changing yourself?

That list can go on. You may identify a few of those above that overlap into a few needs being met. 

There are many ways to do it but I think it should always come down to people: we try to bring awareness to what is important and use any amount of ways to do so. We make sure everyone feels like a somebody to everybody. 

Your physical shape may give you a better feeling in a social setting (that is why we happily offer a fat loss program, by the way - big picture) 

The social atmosphere may make it easier to get you in shape. 

Physically and physiologically, being in shape, getting strong, fixing posture all help emotional wellbeing, as does talking, which we encourage. A lot! 

You can see the picture, right?!

Fixing one cog can have greater implication for the big picture.

So at Wellfest this September we will be offering a Movement Workshop that will hinge around People. Physically challenging you to move the way your body should be able to, socially opening up an awareness that should remind you that touch is not taboo and eye contact is not the devil! 

Consider it Play and consider that time will fly by as you laugh your way through the workshop and feel like a kid again.

You can find us at

My name is Andy Myers and on the day I will be assisted by Coach and good friend Anthony Claffey. 

We look forward to meeting you all there! 



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