Worrier to Warrior talk - Guest speaker Tony Riddle at AM Fitness


We are pleased to announce that we have the pleasure of hosting Tony Riddle this September 12th for a Worrier to Warrior talk. The talk is free and will be 2 hours there or thereabouts. Numbers are limited to 20 people so your place must be reserved(see below)

From my perspective, this talk is for all adults who are looking to learn about the big picture of health. An eye opener to some. Complimentary to others. Worthwhile for all for certain. Tony presents a philosophy he has spent years developing(and continues to do so), one rooted in nature. The words below are from Tony.



A Wise Move - From Worrier to Warrior:

Some suggest optimal health is achieved with good food and  sufficient exercise. 

Most acknowledge it’s likely to be a combination of these elements. 

But what about all our needs, Physically, socially and spiritually, aren’t they what really contribute to a healthy, happy and complete organism. 

With this two hour talk Tony Riddle will help you to find your pieces to this complex puzzle, enabling you for future growth.

My name is Tony Riddle; husband and proud father of two daughters. My daughters are my own inspiration and my responsibility. I want them to absorb natural information, to nurture them, and help them survive, thrive and flourish.  At the very beginning of life they had natural births, were carried in slings and not car seats, they had breast milk not farmed industrialised formula. They sleep in our bed (co-sleeping). When they learnt to eat, we followed the idea that they should learn texture and colour and develop enzymes. Now they only eat good organic food that we trust from a good source and meats that are either wild or grass fed. We ditched the sofa and adopted ground living to encourage a solid foundation and keep their movement pure. They have spent all their lives either barefoot or wearing Barefoot footwear. They avoided sitting in the classroom for hours upon end and are now flourishing beautifully with the un-schooling philosophy.  As they are growing, my hunger for knowledge is growing too. As their tribal elder I am developing a more refined filter in how and what to teach them. 

I have spent many years refining my filter.  I have been gaining knowledge from my teachers and wisdom from my own experiences.  In searching for the truth to develop and communicate a system of coaching to enable us interdependently to grow as one, I arrived at an understanding of what my true quest is; to transform Worriers into Warriors by keeping what should come natural to us natural, what is compromised returned back to, or as close to nature as can be, to enable, and to support future growth. 

Through this philosophy I have helped many of all abilities and ages discover their true capabilities, resulting in strong, healthy, positive, mindful and connected people, who are now responsible and can communicate that same message for future growth. My quest to transform Worriers into Warriors now has a home at 42 acres. Combining this developed philosophy for optimal health; physically, socially and spiritually with the strong sense of community, great transitions towards growth will be made.

So far my approach has taken all of my life to sculpt and has been an amalgamation of techniques from working with great teachers, shamans, imaginative minds and exploratory play.

To book your place on this free 2 hour talk simply email tony@42acres.com or andy@amfitness.ie

You can find out more about Tony at

tonyriddle com 


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