Your First Ring MuscleUp: A Micro-workshop with Free The Frame[David Eriksson]
9:00 am09:00

Your First Ring MuscleUp: A Micro-workshop with Free The Frame[David Eriksson]

In 90 mins you can learn everything you need to know about the Ring MuscleUp

More importantly you can avoid learning stuff you don't need to waste your time on. It's really simple and straight forward.

Complete beginner nowhere near a MuscleUp?
Close to achieving it but can't quite... yet?

AWESOME! Because the MuscleUp deconstructed (which is how we learn it as a skill and also how we build it as a strength) looks like this

  • Upper Body Pulling (Hanging, Rows, Chin ups, Pull Ups)

  • Upper Body Pushing (Supports, Pushups, Dips)

  • Shoulder Strength/Health (Range of Motion in Extension, Stability

  • Wrist/Forearm Health (Flexibility to offset desk job life)

  • Elbow Health (Programming and Principles)

  • Zero Direct Core work (because you don't need it)


The value here is to realise that it IS achievable and this is your map and tools!

If you're close we'll most likely get you there on the day. If not we'll provide you what you need to get it in the quickest time possible on an individual basis


David heads back to Bali next week, so this is our last chance to learn from the Swedish Snow Leopard himself

Your First Ring Muscle Up
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The Human Flag: A Micro-workshop at The Movement Studio
9:00 am09:00

The Human Flag: A Micro-workshop at The Movement Studio


You can learn everything you need to know about the Human Flag/Side Lever in 90 mins

We love movements that demand an integration of Strength + Mobility, especially when it links the Upper Body to the Core

And the Flag is one such movement; a proper expression in the Calisthenics and Pole worlds (to name but a few)

It’s a beautiful display of both Strength + Mobility, which equals Control

It takes direct core work in oblique angles and direct straight arm upper body push/pull

It takes stable shoulders, and a strong lower back

One of the best things about it is that it is technical, and learning the mechanics well means you don’t need to be super strong to do the movement, and, surprisingly, the more graceful variations are actually much easier than the full flag


The Side Lever deconstructed (which is how we learn it as a skill and also how we build it as a strength) looks like this

  • Upper Body Pulling (Mostly rooting/screwing the shoulder in strongly in a straight arm/slightly bent context)

  • Upper Body Pushing (Rooting the shoulder but from an odd angle, getting your lats to fire strongly)

  • Shoulder Strength/Health [External Rotators, Depressors]

  • Side Bend Strength along the lateral line, core [Obliques, Serrates Muscles] + Lats

  • Side Bend Flexibility along the lateral chain [Ribs, Lats, Obliques]

  • Direct Core work (because you do need it for this. FRONT, BACK + SIDES)

  • Technical Patterns [Making momentum your friend, and using a spotter]

Are you ready to surprise yourself and learn a new party piece, while prehabbing your body, opening it up and getting stronger in the areas you may be bypassing day-to-day?

The value here is to realise that this IS achievable and this is your map and tools!

If you're close we'll most likely get you there on the day. If not, we'll provide you what you need to get it in the quickest time possible on an individual basis, and you’ll get some gold for your body which is what’s really important to us anyway

Our Last Micro-Workshop for 2018

Human Flag Micro-Workshop
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How to Deal With Life; Breath & Bones & Gravity 2 with Phil Greenfield
12:30 pm12:30

How to Deal With Life; Breath & Bones & Gravity 2 with Phil Greenfield

How To Deal With Life...
Breath & Bones & Gravity 2 with Phil Greenfield

‘Life’, at its simplest, can be defined as a ongoing series of encounters: with people, with places, with the sensations in our bodies, and with the contents of our own minds. How, and how well we deal with these encounters, defines how ‘stressed’ we will eventually become.

‘Stress’ can be seen as quite an abstract thing, or as a psychological thing... but in actuality, stress is a BODY thing, and in particular, a NERVOUS SYSTEM thing. 

In this short workshop we’ll explore a variety of simple exercises, drills, and practices that will prime our nervous system to automatically respond to life's 'encounters’ in a way which might make favourable outcomes much more likely, as well as having a hugely positive effect upon our general health and wellbeing.

In the previous workshop… Breath & Bones & Gravity - Bringing the Skeleton, to Life… we used Zhan Zhuang (standing practice), derived from Chinese internal martial arts, as a way of developing an awareness of skeletal support in order to bring relaxation to the muscles of the body and thereby optimise ease of movement. 

In this second workshop we’ll briefly recap for those attending for the first time, and then explore Song (sinking) - a fundamental principle of Tai Chi Chuan - so that we might condition our nervous system to automatically respond in the most useful and productive manner in the face of life’s ‘encounters’... encounters ranging from the most mundane, everyday situations, through to the extremes of those scenarios where self-defence is a priority.

I’d recommend these practices to anyone who’s living a life in a body.

• Where? The Movement Studio, Terenure Place, Dublin
• When? Saturday 24th November
• What time? 12.30pm - 3.30pm.
• What should I bring? Curiosity
• What should I wear? Loose and layers.
• How many places available? Thirty or so
• Payment? Donation. Via the HonestyBox. Pay on the day, whatever you feel the workshop has been worth to you.

Please register your place by filling in your name here(Even though we are not taking payment here, we need to know if you are coming)

Breath & Bones & Gravity 2 *
Breath & Bones & Gravity 2

Phil Greenfield is the author of the astounding book, Unravelling; Letting Go, Getting Well.

You can purchase the book (and I recommend it higher than any book I’ve read)

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to 19 Oct


Join Craig Mallett and Frederik Beck for 3 nights of exploration into the weird and wonderful art of Physical Alchemy. Each night will explore a particular topic with enough depth to give the participants plenty of material to digest and practice until next we meet. Done together, the 3 nights will showcase the underlying current that flows beneath many of the Physical Alchemy syllabuses - a current which we are calling Physical Repatterning Work.

Book by the 8th of September to take advantage of the early bird booking deadline.

Visit Motion Impulse [HERE] to book and for more details

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Breath + Bones + Gravity; Bringing The Skeleton, To Life | Phil Greenfield
12:30 pm12:30

Breath + Bones + Gravity; Bringing The Skeleton, To Life | Phil Greenfield

In this short, experiential workshop, I’ll be drawing on practices and principles from Chinese Internal Martial Arts, as well as ideas from Zero Balancing bodywork and my observations from twenty five years as a bodywork therapist, in order to explore the relationship that we have with our own skeleton, during standing, sitting, and walking, with particular reference to...

.. health and wellbeing
.. the cultivation of resilience in the face of life’s challenges
.. longevity
.. the subject of ‘self-defence’

We'll also be considering the role played by the brain and the nervous system in both chronic stress, and recuperative rest, and examine how cultivating awareness of skeletal support and the manner in which we breathe might aid us in our attempts to navigate the challenges of life.

By way of solo and partner work, I’ll be offering out some simple foundational practices that have the potential to enhance, and bring ease to both your daily activities, and to your training experience, whatever shape that takes.

• What should I bring? Curiosity
• What should I wear? Loose and layers.
• How many places available? Thirty or so.
• Payment? Donation. Via the HonestyBox. Pay on the day, whatever you feel the workshop has been worth to you. 

If you’d like to come along, then tag yourself as 'Going' on this facebook event or e-mail me at...

If you'd like a heads-up for future B&B&G dates, tag yourself as 'Interested' on the facebook event Page and I'll keep you posted.

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Mobility Micro-Workshop with Handsdan
9:00 am09:00

Mobility Micro-Workshop with Handsdan


We're delighted to have our friend, the Dub who left us for Oz, Danny O' Sullivan aka Handsdan, home for a brief visit.

Danny, an FRCMs  is doing a pop-up [P]rehab for Performance workshop for us, using our Micro-Workshop format of 90 minutes jam-packed full of everything that's useful and nothing that isn't (that bit's important, so you still have all of the weekend to enjoy, and all the real stuff to digest)

More details to follow from the man himself, but you can expect a near-torturous exploration of your end range mobility and all of the explanations and reasoning as to why you would train this way

If you're looking to improve your movement capacity, encourage active control in areas rather than passive flexibility, or get to know your body a lot better this is absolutely for you. This is suitable for absolutely everybody

We will be using the usual Straight Arm Strong time slot for this workshop, and Handstands+Coffee is of course on straight after.

The cost of the Handsdan workshop is €25 and payment is to be made through

AM Fitness Members go free BUT(!) there are limited spaces and priority absolutely goes to the Saturday 9am regulars. If you're an AM Fitness member attending you MUST fill in the form below to reserve your place. Please do not just turn up, the place will be very busy.

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Handstands, Coffee + Breathe Motherf#cker
10:15 am10:15

Handstands, Coffee + Breathe Motherf#cker

You have superpowers

No, really you do.

You have the power to

  • dramatically improve your health

  • elevate your mood and

  • perform better

Simply by breathing in a different way.

And don’t just take my word for it!

There is over 10 years of hard scientific evidence to show that the Wim Hof Method

  • fortifies your immune system

  • reduces stress and inflammation

  • increases energy

  • balances hormones and much more.


On Saturday 11th August you’ll have the opportunity to experience it -  12.15pm, straight after Handstands+Coffee

We’ll be learning how to breathe in a profound way, going deep into the nervous system and beyond

Come and learn this simple, relaxing and highly-effective breathing technique.

Change how you feel and how you think, one breath at a time.

This event is being gifted by Niall at no extra cost to the Saturday classes

So anyone wishing to experience breath work from The Wim Hof certified Niall must attend Handstands+Coffee to do the breathing class

As this is a once-off we are expecting places to fill up quickly, so please book yours below

Straight Arm Strong - 9am

Handstands+Coffee - 10.15am

Breathe with Niall - 12.15am [30mins approx]

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Repatterning Stretching Masterclass with Frederik Beck
1:00 pm13:00

Repatterning Stretching Masterclass with Frederik Beck

We're delighted to be hosting the wonderful Frederik Beck for this 4+ hour Masterclass in the Repatterning Stretching


Foremost this masterclass seeks to give the attendee a practical and accessible immersion in Repatterning Stretching

Repatterning Stretching principally takes the form of partner-assisted stretches. The goal is to increase sensation and awareness concurrently with gaining flexibility. Stretches are practiced with specific cues and intention that allow us to go deeper into range of motion.

Our structure has adapted to the way that we use it. It is patterned. Conversely, by deliberately working with our body in a different and friendly manner we have a chance to put something more adaptable in it's place. As a practice this allows us to release and reawaken physical structures.

The potent 'Unfoetalling' syllabus will be explored; the work on counteracting the stresses of gravity and being desk-bound. this syllabus is particularly important in this day and age.

There is further room to adapt the class to the demands of the attendees, if a particular subject warrants exploration.

This class is open to all, regardless of training history and experience

AM Fitness Members receive 10% discount - If you are a member and haven't been sent the discount code please get in touch.



I am qualified as a medical doctor. Seeing the direction of medicine, I decided that my energy would be better used elsewhere. Following this, I spent two formative years in Australia completing and apprenticeship with Dave Wardman of Physical Alchemy. I am now the 'European Branch' of Physical Alchemy.

Physical Alchemy is chiefly concerned with the removal of patterns; Postural, Gestural, Habitual. Stretching is used to work upon these patterns. Awareness and intent are two key qualities.

I couple the work upon patterns with work to increase and build physical capacity; strength, power.

The goal is to elicit a harmonious and balanced whole


Our next Handstand Foundation 8 week course starts Tuesday March 20th 7pm

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Zero Balancing Workshop
to 1 May

Zero Balancing Workshop

4 Day Zero Balancing Workshop
with Phil Greenfield

We are delighted to be hosting Phil Greenfield, author of Unravelling - Letting Go, Getting Well , for another 4-day Zero Balancing Workshop this coming April 28th-May 1st

When you boil it all down - all the searching and the striving - what is it that people are actually looking for? They’re looking to feel more at ease inside their own skin.
— Phil Greenfield

About Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is an elegant and effortless table-based body therapy system, whose simplicity belies its potency. During a Zero Balancing session, the practitioner, using touch that is targeted specifically toward the bones of the skeleton, gently engages the person at the very deepest of levels of their physical being. Holding these ‘fulcrums’ in stillness, just for a few seconds, offers both multiple and global opportunities for the person to 'let go' of subtle patterning within their internal neuromuscular environment, creating the possibility of reorienting themselves around a new sense of safety, security, freedom and opportunity.

Receiving ZB sessions is regularly reported to improve mobility, and reduce pain, stiffness, and discomfort. It can also facilitate subtle changes for people that they often describe as being ‘way under their radar’ - a dissolving of restriction in the deepest reaches of their body that they were not previously aware of. Many who receive Zero Balancing talk of attaining a progressively greater degree of calmness and mental clarity, as well as positive outcomes on the emotional level, and generally feeling significantly 'changed for the better'. Better able to cope with life’s unpredictabilities.

In this Core Zero Balancing workshop, we'll learn the manual skills necessary to help facilitate such changes for our clients, as well as examining the mechanisms and principles that lie behind the work. We'll also see how we can apply these principles for the benefit of our own wellbeing. Practically, at the end of the four days you’ll have enough familiarity with the basic Zero Balancing hands-on protocol to enable you to go and explore ZB’s potential for yourself, and evaluate its usefulness to your own practice, and for those who come to you for assistance.

We’ll also be comparing the historical narrative that has accompanied the development of Zero Balancing from its inception in the 1970s, with current conversations regarding pain science and the biopsychosocial model of therapeutics, offering contemporary relevance to this remarkable bodywork system.

If you’re currently a hands-on therapist, I can guarantee that you’ll be introduced to some deeply helpful ideas and principles which you might well find will enhance your current style of working, as well as offering the opportunity to begin to learn Zero Balancing as a 'stand-alone' treatment style. If you’re a movement therapist, then this workshop offers a chance to explore ‘the other side of the coin’ - the therapeutic potency of stillness - but also includes a stack of ideas and content that I think you will find hugely informative for your movement practice. 


Phil's Core Zero Balancing workshops are limited to eight student places, in order to ensure a high level of personal tuition and hands-on feedback.

To book your place please contact Phil directly at

4 Day Workshop:

Price: €500 including Workshop Manual

Dates: April 28th, 29th, 30th, May 1st 2017 (Bank Holiday)

Times: 9.30am-5.30pm each day

Phil Greenfield originally studied McTimoney Chiropractic, and has been a student of Zero Balancing for over twenty three years, having taught the system to those involved in therapeutic practice of all types, since 2004. 

Author of Unravelling - Letting Go, Getting Well, a light-hearted and much-appreciated manual for human wellness, Phil has run a successful bodywork practice in Derby UK, since 1992.

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Neuro-myo-fascia Techniques
to 27 Nov

Neuro-myo-fascia Techniques

3 Day Neuro-Myo-Fascia Workshop
with Ronnie Warde 

AM Fitness are delighted to be hosting Ronnie Warde for his 3-day Zero Neuro-Myo-Fascia Techniques workshop on November 25th, 26th and 27th. 

The intention of this 3-day workshop is to provide a new way of exploring and thinking with regard to the structural relationships in the body and initiate change with regard to posture, movement, energy and knowledge of how the body operates. You will be shown why a detailed client history is of the utmost importance and how it guides you during your client’s treatment.

Each day you will be learning how to body-read and postural-assess clients. You will learn how to observe where in the body there is strain and tension and then apply the appropriate techniques to facilitate change.

Each day deals with different neuromyofascial planes and relationships in the body. This workshop is roughly 90% hands on and 10% theory. I will demonstrate myofascial and Neural techniques that can be applied to your practice immediately.

You will be working with Nerves and some arteries. You will be provided with a manual with all the techniques that I have demonstrated. You will also be added to a closed group forum on Facebook where you can ask questions and continue your education in this field.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to provide your clients with a 3-session treatment.

Who is this course for?

If your practice involves Massage, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular, Chiropractor, Osteopath etc and wish to advance your hands-on skills then this is the course for you.

Cost - €450.00

This Workshop is limited to 12 people.

Friday 25th  | 8.45am - 5.30pm

Saturday 26th  | 8.45am - 5.30pm

Sunday 27th November | 8.45am - 5.30pm

For more information or to book your place please email

Call Ronnie at

086 8805696

or visit

Ronnie's qualifications are  KMI structural Integration Practitioner. I have also studied Nerve and Artery Mobilization with Kirstin Schumaker in Maine, USA. I have also studied Neuromuscular Therapy, Anatomy in Motion, Trigger point needling, NKT and Personal Training.

For more information about Ronnie please make your way to his website

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Handstand Level I + II @ Init Yoga
12:30 pm12:30

Handstand Level I + II @ Init Yoga

One day.
Two Handstand Workshops.
AM Fitness at Init Yoga.

On the back of a fantastic Handstand Workshop last month for everyone at Init Yoga, Ringsend, we have been invited back to hold another workshop.

This time we are doing another of the Level I: Foundation Workshop's for those who missed out the first time around.

And for those who took part, and indeed those who already have some handstand experience with us, we are hosting a Level II: Improving The Handstand workshop

Coaches Andy Myers, Anthony Claffey & Vincent Vis will lead the workshops with each of their own unique input as always.

This promises a dynamic approach to all elements from Vincent, a structural and anatomical approach from Anthony and a practical eye for individualization from Andy.

In short you receive the benefits of three coaches who believe the same principles but have beautifully different styles and approaches. NOTHING will be missed on the day, no stone left unturned for any individual and all questions answered with ample time during the session and after for the purpose of asking questions.

What will be covered on the day?

LEVEL 1: Handstand Foundation

  1. Principles and Philosophy of Handstand, Balancing & Rebalancing; An introduction into understanding the important elements of the handstand, breaking the myths of balance as a goal.
  2. Anatomy & Biomechanics of Handstand; Mobility Assessment & Structural demonstration.
  3. Strength & Conditioning Joints; Wrists & Shoulders
  4. Efficiency vs Expense; Conditioning Muscles in order to not need them.
  5. Inversions and Fear; How to be upside down properly and how to be standing again safely
  6. Dynamic Approach; How to Kick Up and your approach to Consistenc

LEVEL II: Improving The Handstand

  1. Refresher on REbalance principles & Individual assessment
  2. Advancing Biomechanics and dissecting the Handstanders INTENTION and FOCUS; Using various drills we will put your attention on different aspects of your handstand and see what one clicks for you. If the first course is about simplifying and familiarizing the handstand, this course is about details, details, details. 
  3. Strength & Conditioning; While focusing on each isolated component you will earn the priviledge to be uspide down by conditioning yourself into a sweat to make sure you register it deeply into your subconscious
  4. Balance drills; Time to refine and work on finding your centre
  5. Varying and Individualising the kick up; From limb lengths to mobility, to mental blocks and prior habits... everyone has difference needs. Here we will learn variations on kicking up and tailor each persons entry to handstand to meet you where you are

Q & A Time

Although we will make space during the workshops for you to ask questions we will also make sure to stay on a little longer to answer any questions anyone may have and will happily physically demonstrate each answers to there is 100% clarity and leave you with the precise practice you need as an individual.


Sunday November 6th

Both Workshops starts 12.30pm sharp and will end between 3.30pm/4pm depending on Q & A duration. 3 hours minimum.

Cost: €75 for either workshop Level I or II - SEE LINK ABOVE TO PAY

Init Yoga Members book through Jeanne

AM Fitness Handstand alumni receive a very special discount - contact Andy 085 7133475 to book your place

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Reconnection Workshop
7:15 pm19:15

Reconnection Workshop

We are delighted to kick off the first of our planned series of events/talks/movement sessions and general use of our space, energy and time for cultivation.

It has been on our mind for longer than we care to admit that we feel restricted by class structure sometimes... in the sense that we have so much more to offer.

Since we opened here we have been through many forms of getting our message to people, many different ways of doing things. We have managed, with all the experience behind us, to now separate things to where they will work best. Our Strength, Mobility and Movement training is in a beautiful place and so we can expand a little more and DO more.

SO... it's time to start giving more again, time to open the doors for others to give what they have and see what we can create when we all come together and put our unique views, skills, ideas and good intentions into action.

Debuting with something special, we are delighted to have Anthony Claffey and his Reconnection Workshop on Friday 19th August at 7.15pm

Details below. Please not that this workshop is for AM Fitness members only and an in-house intro but that our talks will be most definitely a public thing soon :)


Are you in pain, previously experienced pain or currently suffering with a re-occurring symptom or injury, which is hindering your day-to- day life?

Have you ever wonder why?

Why does it come back again?

Has anyone ever explained to you why this could be happening?

The Why... Is what we will delve into in this workshop.

I will explain the why and more importantly, rather than you accepting what I say, I will let you experience it for yourself in your own body.

I want to remove the labels given to us by society: 'You have arthritis, you have

bad posture, you have chronic back pain' etc etc

Your body does not understand labels – It understands movement!

We are designed to move each and every joint in our body in all 3 dimensions, when this doesn’t happen is when we start to see problems.

From my work as an Anatomy in Motion Practitioner this workshop we will look at how the body moves in 3 dimensions, teach postural basics that will restore movement to your body and spine.

You will become aware of your habits. You will understand Why. You will learn to ease joint pain, and start you on a path to optimizing your body.

Come and learn to feel better, shed tension, improve posture, relax and reconnect with your body.

This workshop is for AM Fitness members only at present and is free of charge.

The talk will be 60 minutes with 20 minutes after for Q & A/informal chat

Participants must bring a pen and paper and an open mind

To book your place contact Andy at the studio.

We are looking forward to seeing you all here and are confident you will gain some real insight into your body and being pain free

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Tom Weksler: Movement Archery & Zen Acrobatics
to 3 Apr

Tom Weksler: Movement Archery & Zen Acrobatics

Movement Archery Workshop:

The right art is purposeless, aimless. The more obstinately you try to learn how to shoot the arrow for the sake of hitting the goal, the less you will succeed in the one and the further the other will recede. What stands in your way is that you have a much too willful will. You think that what you do not do yourself does not happen.
— Eugen Herrigel

Each day of workshop will consist of 3 parts:

Part 1 - Warm-up

Tom’s concept of warm-up is based on the mover’s need to tune into a clear and subtle quality before their practice and execution. The routine Tom follows and teaches is inspired by concepts of Chaya (Shadow) Yoga and particularly the “Balakarma” series (stepping into strength), and other forms of soft martial arts. The warm-up routine emphasizes the opening of the darkest parts of our bodies - our legs, which are also the most distant from our eyes. Demanding postures alongside gentle flow with circular motions and spirals will be introduced in order to provide better awareness of the lower parts. The second principle Tom wishes to unfold is preparations (or introduction) to low movement while maintaining the gentle functions of the wrists and neck as tools for balance, sensing the space and organically digesting physical information - internal and external.

Part 2 - Floorwork

Tom’s technique of floor work serves as a “risk management” mechanism which ultimately leads to freedom in a much larger scale than usually experienced by performers of a single discipline. Tom introduces dynamics of falling, rolling, collapsing, flipping and melting down in order to reduce and eventually eliminate the type of actions we usually refer to as “failure” in dance, athletics and martial arts.

The practice is composed both of simple, almost “daily” actions, alongside “complicated” acrobatic risks without distinguishing between them or judging what’s important and unimportant. This approach allows a blend of influences from the Animal Kingdom, Capoeira, Gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, Parkour, Brazillian Jiujitsu and Bboying to fall effortlessly into an empty category of functional motions.

Part 3 - Archery

The “Archery” practice is Tom’s sincere attempt to create a practice of movement which lies in the space between fight and gestures-free expression. The practice can be executed with two movers and up, and involves the development of both circular and sharp reactions which leads to high levels of awareness and a fluent - “tactical” mind. The movers will go through different forms of “games” which can wear strict rules and objectives or just a physical play of examining and interacting - a play we are all familiar with but tend to lose during our mature life in modern society.Upon practicing Archery one can feel either like he or she is involved in a very skillful combat or in a passionate dance full of risks and traps. It is important to note that the name “Archery” ultimately holds nothing behind it as it constantly changes and flows into the shape the practitioners make up according to their needs and passions.

Tom has been practicing Capoeira, Martial Arts and different forms of acrobatic disciplines from a young age. Tom graduated in 2009 from “The Workshop for Dancers and Choreographers in Haifa”, in the contemporary dance department. Since 2010, Tom has been dancing with “Inbal Pinto and Avshallom Pollak Dance Company” and performed with the comapny’s productions in many theaters and festivals around the world.In 2014 Tom has collaborated as a performer with “Rootlessroot” and “Dot504” in the piece “Collective Loss Of Memory”. Tom's movement workshop took place in Tel Aviv, Athens, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Tokyo, San Francisco, Guadalajara and more.

Zen Acrobatics

Tom's approach for acrobatics training has developed from the urge to look for freedom in movement. The main goal is to find a movement quality that supports simple actions like walking and running, as well as acrobatic feats without a difference in effort or muscular usage.

In order to do this, Tom searches for high levels of awareness and precision so the body can react quickly to the changes in skeletal stress, and to maintain flow without unnecessary tension.

In classical acrobatic disciplines – Preparation, Climax and Landing are being treated as completely different aspects while usually one is more important than the other. 

In "Zen Acrobatics" the practitioner aspires to transform all 3 stages into one motion that can ultimately connect to any other type of movement.

Sounds of take-offs and landings, Placement of Eye-Focus and Optimal breath for each element are all being covered aside from the Anatomical Instructions and Basic Conditioning.

The acrobatic training allows the mover to tune into a "mind-quality" which is usually present only in Extreme Sports or Full – Contact Sports. The mover becomes animalistic and functional, and while attempting complicated feats he turns on "survival instincts" which allows him to reflect on his movement from an entirely different point of view.

You can find all of Tom's video's on his youtube channel here 

And you can book your place below.

Places are strictly limited to 20 participants so book early to avoid disappointment.



Movement Archery @ St. Kevins Community Centre

Friday 1st April 6pm-9.30pm
Saturday 2nd April 10am-1.30pm
Sunday 3rd April 10am-1.30pm


Zen Acrobatics @ Kaizen Dojo

Saturday 2nd April 3pm-5.30pm
Sunday 3rd April 3pm-5.30pm


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Sigma Nutrition Seminar - Fat Loss & Body Composition
1:00 pm13:00

Sigma Nutrition Seminar - Fat Loss & Body Composition

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the fantastic Danny Lennon, MSc, - Nutrition Educator & CEO of Sigma Nutrition for a Unique Seminar on Fat Loss & Body composition.

This seminar is for AM Fitness members at a discounted price and is also Open to the Public.

Danny Lennon, MSc will cover everything important about how to eat for a body you would be proud of physically and one that is more importantly Useful, Functional and HEALTHY!


Whether you want to break through a Fat Loss plateau, Optimize Performance or just find out once and for all how to eat to improve your energy, sleep habits, confidence and ability to look forward to each day... you are in expert company with Danny.

You can book your space below or send any enquiries to

About Danny

I’m Danny, the CEO and founder of Sigma Nutrition. I’m a nutrition coach and educator and self-professed geek of health and human performance.

My approach stems from a mix of my scientific background (I have a masters degree in nutritional sciences) and my practical application of this knowledge.

I used to struggle with knowing what advice and recommendations would maximize my health and performance and which would hurt it. I dug deep into the scientific research and what I discovered was game-changing. And those findings (and what I continue to discover) is what I want to breakdown and present to people.

The world of nutritional advice can be an annoyingly confusing and manipulative one.

I don’t want you to take it that I’m right and everyone else is wrong. That’s not the case. I don’t know everything and I never will. But I do work hard to learn constantly and then report what I am learning along this lifelong journey. Hopefully something I say resonates with you at some point and makes a difference.

What I do want is to give you the tools to be able to accurately separate the brilliant from the misleading.

I’ve been on the other side of this too. I’ve struggled to work things out and truth be told I still  struggle with some things. But it’s all about that constant journey of learning and discovery. Sigma Nutrition allows me to bring others in on that journey with me.

What is SIGMA Nutrition?

My driving ambition is to create a complete culture shift in how we collectively think of nutrition, health and life. A HUGE goal but an achievable one, that must start with education and awareness.

I like to think of Sigma as a virtual centre of learning that enables people to:

  • Continuously self-educate
  • Learn about the factors THEY can change that will help create this culture shift
  • Expand their nutrition toolkit  in order to achieve everything they want to
  • Or simply learn a few nuggets of info that will improve their life.

How? By providing access to an honest breakdown of cutting-edge, science-based information and merging that with blueprints of how best to practically use that information

My Story

While I love to learn, even more than that, I love to pass this information on so it may benefit others.

I completed a degree in Biology & Physics. During my time studying I became fascinated in researching nutrition and how it relates to human health and performance. I quickly discovered that many of the beliefs we have been conditioned to believe about nutrition actually have a weak scientific basis or sometimes are just flat out incorrect.

From that point I committed myself to continued research in an attempt to discover how we should eat for optimal health, performance and body composition.

After graduating and working as a biology & physics teacher for a year, I quit school-teaching in order to pursue my mission to spread the message of what real nutrition actually is and to educate people on its impact on our health, athletic performance and basic functioning as human beings.

I returned to university education where I completed my master’s degree in Nutritional Science. All the while I continued my self-education via reading, talking to experts and self-experimentation.

I have learnt (and continue to learn) from attending mentorships programs and live seminars under some of the biggest and best names in the fields of nutrition, health and performance. This list includes the likes of Alan Aragon, Martin MacDonald, Robb Wolf, Dr. Bryan Walsh, Dr. Tom O’ Bryan, the Irish Strength Institute, among others.

I host a weekly podcast, Sigma Nutrition Radio, which you can find on iTunes as well as

Connect With Me!

I’d love to grab a coffee with you (any excuse for a coffee shop visit!) and talk nutrition, health and life. If I could that’s what everyday would be made up of! But that’s not feasible most of the time so perhaps you’d prefer something easier, like one of the below…


Twitter: @NutritionDanny

Facebook: Danny Lennon, MSc. – Nutrition Educator

LinkedIn: Danny Lennon MSc.

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Worrier to Warrior - Guest speaker Tony Riddle
1:00 pm13:00

Worrier to Warrior - Guest speaker Tony Riddle

We are delighted to announce that we are hosting good friend, inspiration and mentor Tony Riddle on the 12th September, yes just a couple of weeks away.

Tony will be giving a FREE 2 hour talk - Worrier to Warrior.

Click the link for more details and to reserve your place. Numbers are limited and it's only a few weeks away.

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Emmet Louis - Modern Methods of Mobility 1-day
4:00 pm16:00

Emmet Louis - Modern Methods of Mobility 1-day

This will be Emmet's last event in Europe til 2016. In this seminar he will be covering the correct application of loaded stretching, ballistic stretching and stretch therapy techniques. The workshop will be a mix of theory and practical exercise. This is perfect for the coach looking to enhance their mobility practices.

Cost €120


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