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Breath + Bones + Gravity; Bringing The Skeleton, To Life | Phil Greenfield

In this short, experiential workshop, I’ll be drawing on practices and principles from Chinese Internal Martial Arts, as well as ideas from Zero Balancing bodywork and my observations from twenty five years as a bodywork therapist, in order to explore the relationship that we have with our own skeleton, during standing, sitting, and walking, with particular reference to...

.. health and wellbeing
.. the cultivation of resilience in the face of life’s challenges
.. longevity
.. the subject of ‘self-defence’

We'll also be considering the role played by the brain and the nervous system in both chronic stress, and recuperative rest, and examine how cultivating awareness of skeletal support and the manner in which we breathe might aid us in our attempts to navigate the challenges of life.

By way of solo and partner work, I’ll be offering out some simple foundational practices that have the potential to enhance, and bring ease to both your daily activities, and to your training experience, whatever shape that takes.

• What should I bring? Curiosity
• What should I wear? Loose and layers.
• How many places available? Thirty or so.
• Payment? Donation. Via the HonestyBox. Pay on the day, whatever you feel the workshop has been worth to you. 

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