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How to Deal With Life; Breath & Bones & Gravity 2 with Phil Greenfield

How To Deal With Life...
Breath & Bones & Gravity 2 with Phil Greenfield

‘Life’, at its simplest, can be defined as a ongoing series of encounters: with people, with places, with the sensations in our bodies, and with the contents of our own minds. How, and how well we deal with these encounters, defines how ‘stressed’ we will eventually become.

‘Stress’ can be seen as quite an abstract thing, or as a psychological thing... but in actuality, stress is a BODY thing, and in particular, a NERVOUS SYSTEM thing. 

In this short workshop we’ll explore a variety of simple exercises, drills, and practices that will prime our nervous system to automatically respond to life's 'encounters’ in a way which might make favourable outcomes much more likely, as well as having a hugely positive effect upon our general health and wellbeing.

In the previous workshop… Breath & Bones & Gravity - Bringing the Skeleton, to Life… we used Zhan Zhuang (standing practice), derived from Chinese internal martial arts, as a way of developing an awareness of skeletal support in order to bring relaxation to the muscles of the body and thereby optimise ease of movement. 

In this second workshop we’ll briefly recap for those attending for the first time, and then explore Song (sinking) - a fundamental principle of Tai Chi Chuan - so that we might condition our nervous system to automatically respond in the most useful and productive manner in the face of life’s ‘encounters’... encounters ranging from the most mundane, everyday situations, through to the extremes of those scenarios where self-defence is a priority.

I’d recommend these practices to anyone who’s living a life in a body.

• Where? The Movement Studio, Terenure Place, Dublin
• When? Saturday 24th November
• What time? 12.30pm - 3.30pm.
• What should I bring? Curiosity
• What should I wear? Loose and layers.
• How many places available? Thirty or so
• Payment? Donation. Via the HonestyBox. Pay on the day, whatever you feel the workshop has been worth to you.

Please register your place by filling in your name here(Even though we are not taking payment here, we need to know if you are coming)

Breath & Bones & Gravity 2 *
Breath & Bones & Gravity 2

Phil Greenfield is the author of the astounding book, Unravelling; Letting Go, Getting Well.

You can purchase the book (and I recommend it higher than any book I’ve read)