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Handstands, Coffee + Breathe Motherf#cker

You have superpowers

No, really you do.

You have the power to

  • dramatically improve your health

  • elevate your mood and

  • perform better

Simply by breathing in a different way.

And don’t just take my word for it!

There is over 10 years of hard scientific evidence to show that the Wim Hof Method

  • fortifies your immune system

  • reduces stress and inflammation

  • increases energy

  • balances hormones and much more.


On Saturday 11th August you’ll have the opportunity to experience it -  12.15pm, straight after Handstands+Coffee

We’ll be learning how to breathe in a profound way, going deep into the nervous system and beyond

Come and learn this simple, relaxing and highly-effective breathing technique.

Change how you feel and how you think, one breath at a time.

This event is being gifted by Niall at no extra cost to the Saturday classes

So anyone wishing to experience breath work from The Wim Hof certified Niall must attend Handstands+Coffee to do the breathing class

As this is a once-off we are expecting places to fill up quickly, so please book yours below

Straight Arm Strong - 9am

Handstands+Coffee - 10.15am

Breathe with Niall - 12.15am [30mins approx]

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