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The Human Flag: A Micro-workshop at The Movement Studio


You can learn everything you need to know about the Human Flag/Side Lever in 90 mins

We love movements that demand an integration of Strength + Mobility, especially when it links the Upper Body to the Core

And the Flag is one such movement; a proper expression in the Calisthenics and Pole worlds (to name but a few)

It’s a beautiful display of both Strength + Mobility, which equals Control

It takes direct core work in oblique angles and direct straight arm upper body push/pull

It takes stable shoulders, and a strong lower back

One of the best things about it is that it is technical, and learning the mechanics well means you don’t need to be super strong to do the movement, and, surprisingly, the more graceful variations are actually much easier than the full flag


The Side Lever deconstructed (which is how we learn it as a skill and also how we build it as a strength) looks like this

  • Upper Body Pulling (Mostly rooting/screwing the shoulder in strongly in a straight arm/slightly bent context)

  • Upper Body Pushing (Rooting the shoulder but from an odd angle, getting your lats to fire strongly)

  • Shoulder Strength/Health [External Rotators, Depressors]

  • Side Bend Strength along the lateral line, core [Obliques, Serrates Muscles] + Lats

  • Side Bend Flexibility along the lateral chain [Ribs, Lats, Obliques]

  • Direct Core work (because you do need it for this. FRONT, BACK + SIDES)

  • Technical Patterns [Making momentum your friend, and using a spotter]

Are you ready to surprise yourself and learn a new party piece, while prehabbing your body, opening it up and getting stronger in the areas you may be bypassing day-to-day?

The value here is to realise that this IS achievable and this is your map and tools!

If you're close we'll most likely get you there on the day. If not, we'll provide you what you need to get it in the quickest time possible on an individual basis, and you’ll get some gold for your body which is what’s really important to us anyway

Our Last Micro-Workshop for 2018

Human Flag Micro-Workshop
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