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Mobility Micro-Workshop with Handsdan


We're delighted to have our friend, the Dub who left us for Oz, Danny O' Sullivan aka Handsdan, home for a brief visit.

Danny, an FRCMs  is doing a pop-up [P]rehab for Performance workshop for us, using our Micro-Workshop format of 90 minutes jam-packed full of everything that's useful and nothing that isn't (that bit's important, so you still have all of the weekend to enjoy, and all the real stuff to digest)

More details to follow from the man himself, but you can expect a near-torturous exploration of your end range mobility and all of the explanations and reasoning as to why you would train this way

If you're looking to improve your movement capacity, encourage active control in areas rather than passive flexibility, or get to know your body a lot better this is absolutely for you. This is suitable for absolutely everybody

We will be using the usual Straight Arm Strong time slot for this workshop, and Handstands+Coffee is of course on straight after.

The cost of the Handsdan workshop is €25 and payment is to be made through

AM Fitness Members go free BUT(!) there are limited spaces and priority absolutely goes to the Saturday 9am regulars. If you're an AM Fitness member attending you MUST fill in the form below to reserve your place. Please do not just turn up, the place will be very busy.