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Reconnection Workshop

We are delighted to kick off the first of our planned series of events/talks/movement sessions and general use of our space, energy and time for cultivation.

It has been on our mind for longer than we care to admit that we feel restricted by class structure sometimes... in the sense that we have so much more to offer.

Since we opened here we have been through many forms of getting our message to people, many different ways of doing things. We have managed, with all the experience behind us, to now separate things to where they will work best. Our Strength, Mobility and Movement training is in a beautiful place and so we can expand a little more and DO more.

SO... it's time to start giving more again, time to open the doors for others to give what they have and see what we can create when we all come together and put our unique views, skills, ideas and good intentions into action.

Debuting with something special, we are delighted to have Anthony Claffey and his Reconnection Workshop on Friday 19th August at 7.15pm

Details below. Please not that this workshop is for AM Fitness members only and an in-house intro but that our talks will be most definitely a public thing soon :)


Are you in pain, previously experienced pain or currently suffering with a re-occurring symptom or injury, which is hindering your day-to- day life?

Have you ever wonder why?

Why does it come back again?

Has anyone ever explained to you why this could be happening?

The Why... Is what we will delve into in this workshop.

I will explain the why and more importantly, rather than you accepting what I say, I will let you experience it for yourself in your own body.

I want to remove the labels given to us by society: 'You have arthritis, you have

bad posture, you have chronic back pain' etc etc

Your body does not understand labels – It understands movement!

We are designed to move each and every joint in our body in all 3 dimensions, when this doesn’t happen is when we start to see problems.

From my work as an Anatomy in Motion Practitioner this workshop we will look at how the body moves in 3 dimensions, teach postural basics that will restore movement to your body and spine.

You will become aware of your habits. You will understand Why. You will learn to ease joint pain, and start you on a path to optimizing your body.

Come and learn to feel better, shed tension, improve posture, relax and reconnect with your body.

This workshop is for AM Fitness members only at present and is free of charge.

The talk will be 60 minutes with 20 minutes after for Q & A/informal chat

Participants must bring a pen and paper and an open mind

To book your place contact Andy at the studio.

We are looking forward to seeing you all here and are confident you will gain some real insight into your body and being pain free