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Repatterning Stretching Masterclass with Frederik Beck

We're delighted to be hosting the wonderful Frederik Beck for this 4+ hour Masterclass in the Repatterning Stretching


Foremost this masterclass seeks to give the attendee a practical and accessible immersion in Repatterning Stretching

Repatterning Stretching principally takes the form of partner-assisted stretches. The goal is to increase sensation and awareness concurrently with gaining flexibility. Stretches are practiced with specific cues and intention that allow us to go deeper into range of motion.

Our structure has adapted to the way that we use it. It is patterned. Conversely, by deliberately working with our body in a different and friendly manner we have a chance to put something more adaptable in it's place. As a practice this allows us to release and reawaken physical structures.

The potent 'Unfoetalling' syllabus will be explored; the work on counteracting the stresses of gravity and being desk-bound. this syllabus is particularly important in this day and age.

There is further room to adapt the class to the demands of the attendees, if a particular subject warrants exploration.

This class is open to all, regardless of training history and experience

AM Fitness Members receive 10% discount - If you are a member and haven't been sent the discount code please get in touch.



I am qualified as a medical doctor. Seeing the direction of medicine, I decided that my energy would be better used elsewhere. Following this, I spent two formative years in Australia completing and apprenticeship with Dave Wardman of Physical Alchemy. I am now the 'European Branch' of Physical Alchemy.

Physical Alchemy is chiefly concerned with the removal of patterns; Postural, Gestural, Habitual. Stretching is used to work upon these patterns. Awareness and intent are two key qualities.

I couple the work upon patterns with work to increase and build physical capacity; strength, power.

The goal is to elicit a harmonious and balanced whole


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