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Sigma Nutrition Seminar - Fat Loss & Body Composition

  • AM Fitness 3 Terenure place Dublin Ireland (map)

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the fantastic Danny Lennon, MSc, - Nutrition Educator & CEO of Sigma Nutrition for a Unique Seminar on Fat Loss & Body composition.

This seminar is for AM Fitness members at a discounted price and is also Open to the Public.

Danny Lennon, MSc will cover everything important about how to eat for a body you would be proud of physically and one that is more importantly Useful, Functional and HEALTHY!


Whether you want to break through a Fat Loss plateau, Optimize Performance or just find out once and for all how to eat to improve your energy, sleep habits, confidence and ability to look forward to each day... you are in expert company with Danny.

You can book your space below or send any enquiries to

About Danny

I’m Danny, the CEO and founder of Sigma Nutrition. I’m a nutrition coach and educator and self-professed geek of health and human performance.

My approach stems from a mix of my scientific background (I have a masters degree in nutritional sciences) and my practical application of this knowledge.

I used to struggle with knowing what advice and recommendations would maximize my health and performance and which would hurt it. I dug deep into the scientific research and what I discovered was game-changing. And those findings (and what I continue to discover) is what I want to breakdown and present to people.

The world of nutritional advice can be an annoyingly confusing and manipulative one.

I don’t want you to take it that I’m right and everyone else is wrong. That’s not the case. I don’t know everything and I never will. But I do work hard to learn constantly and then report what I am learning along this lifelong journey. Hopefully something I say resonates with you at some point and makes a difference.

What I do want is to give you the tools to be able to accurately separate the brilliant from the misleading.

I’ve been on the other side of this too. I’ve struggled to work things out and truth be told I still  struggle with some things. But it’s all about that constant journey of learning and discovery. Sigma Nutrition allows me to bring others in on that journey with me.

What is SIGMA Nutrition?

My driving ambition is to create a complete culture shift in how we collectively think of nutrition, health and life. A HUGE goal but an achievable one, that must start with education and awareness.

I like to think of Sigma as a virtual centre of learning that enables people to:

  • Continuously self-educate
  • Learn about the factors THEY can change that will help create this culture shift
  • Expand their nutrition toolkit  in order to achieve everything they want to
  • Or simply learn a few nuggets of info that will improve their life.

How? By providing access to an honest breakdown of cutting-edge, science-based information and merging that with blueprints of how best to practically use that information

My Story

While I love to learn, even more than that, I love to pass this information on so it may benefit others.

I completed a degree in Biology & Physics. During my time studying I became fascinated in researching nutrition and how it relates to human health and performance. I quickly discovered that many of the beliefs we have been conditioned to believe about nutrition actually have a weak scientific basis or sometimes are just flat out incorrect.

From that point I committed myself to continued research in an attempt to discover how we should eat for optimal health, performance and body composition.

After graduating and working as a biology & physics teacher for a year, I quit school-teaching in order to pursue my mission to spread the message of what real nutrition actually is and to educate people on its impact on our health, athletic performance and basic functioning as human beings.

I returned to university education where I completed my master’s degree in Nutritional Science. All the while I continued my self-education via reading, talking to experts and self-experimentation.

I have learnt (and continue to learn) from attending mentorships programs and live seminars under some of the biggest and best names in the fields of nutrition, health and performance. This list includes the likes of Alan Aragon, Martin MacDonald, Robb Wolf, Dr. Bryan Walsh, Dr. Tom O’ Bryan, the Irish Strength Institute, among others.

I host a weekly podcast, Sigma Nutrition Radio, which you can find on iTunes as well as

Connect With Me!

I’d love to grab a coffee with you (any excuse for a coffee shop visit!) and talk nutrition, health and life. If I could that’s what everyday would be made up of! But that’s not feasible most of the time so perhaps you’d prefer something easier, like one of the below…


Twitter: @NutritionDanny

Facebook: Danny Lennon, MSc. – Nutrition Educator

LinkedIn: Danny Lennon MSc.

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