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Your First Ring MuscleUp: A Micro-workshop with Free The Frame[David Eriksson]

In 90 mins you can learn everything you need to know about the Ring MuscleUp

More importantly you can avoid learning stuff you don't need to waste your time on. It's really simple and straight forward.

Complete beginner nowhere near a MuscleUp?
Close to achieving it but can't quite... yet?

AWESOME! Because the MuscleUp deconstructed (which is how we learn it as a skill and also how we build it as a strength) looks like this

  • Upper Body Pulling (Hanging, Rows, Chin ups, Pull Ups)

  • Upper Body Pushing (Supports, Pushups, Dips)

  • Shoulder Strength/Health (Range of Motion in Extension, Stability

  • Wrist/Forearm Health (Flexibility to offset desk job life)

  • Elbow Health (Programming and Principles)

  • Zero Direct Core work (because you don't need it)


The value here is to realise that it IS achievable and this is your map and tools!

If you're close we'll most likely get you there on the day. If not we'll provide you what you need to get it in the quickest time possible on an individual basis


David heads back to Bali next week, so this is our last chance to learn from the Swedish Snow Leopard himself

Your First Ring Muscle Up
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