Saturdays are special because of

Handstands + Coffee
Straight Arm Strong

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9am for Straight Arm Strong
10.15am for Handstands+Coffee

Sign in, grab a coffee if that's your thing

Prepare for the best morning of your life

Please make sure to fill in the screening form [HERE] before you arrive



[For each of your first 3 weeks]
Straight Arm Strong €20
Handstands+Coffee €20
Saturday Package[both] €30


[after 3 weeks]
Straight Arm Strong €15
Handstands+Coffee €15
Saturday Package[both] €20


Roasted in Dublin by 3fe. Made with love. One of the nicest cups you’ll experience anywhere in the world
Black €2.50 | White €3.00 | Non-Dairy[Oatly] €3.50
We accept Cash or Card

Before you ask...
It's GOOD to be nervous
It's GREAT to be a beginner
It’s AMAZING to progress
It's even better to start your weekend with cool people doing cool stuff
It's what a good life is made of

See you on Saturday! BOOK BELOW [pay cash/card on the day]


Maybe follow us on the 'gram. If class happens to be cancelled we'll post it [here]

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** We run 8 week Handstand Beginners Courses each Tuesday evening at 7pm. If you would like to be notified of the next course please just fill in your details below, and we will be in touch a couple of weeks before it begins **

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Handstands + Coffee

Handstands + Coffee is the class we have become synonymous with. Each Saturday we get to teach everyone the art, skill and strength of being inverted 'a deux mains', with great vibes, top quality content and coaching, support, laughter and efficient work.
We bring people together and help each person connect their own dots, too - with various drills, games and body awareness play.

The Handstand serves as a great filter for strength, mobility, endurance and body awareness in one bundle, and so if you need to know where your body is at in terms of any of the above then consider it a fantastic stepping stone to mastering your own body.

50% of our studio is dedicated floor space for Bodyweight Movement, and we invite you to join us for an original idea and unique class.

Our love of coffee gets time to shine here as we serve 3fe coffee - to 3fe's standards - on our Nuova Simonelli Aurelia I, and Malkohnig K30 grinder.

If you don't love coffee that's cool... if you do then you can expect a cup as good as you will find anywhere in the world. We use seasonal coffee, roasted by 3fe, primarily single origin and some blends too.