Me in 10s

I have the kind pleasure to be with AM Fitness from the start and we will be begin there.

I am a dad of 4, with another on the way :)
I'm married to a beautiful lady and I love life, lifting, moving, barefoot running, adventures, jumping and laughing!

Having essentially followed Andy's classes from his early days in Dublin, Meath and a few other areas, and loving the training, I got the bug for teaching. I got certified Level 3 at Elite Fitness Performance Academy and loved every minute of it. I now take care of the lifting classes at AM Fitness

In my spare time I love to Powerlift (I competed in my first competition in 2014, Run 5k and 10k races, Hell & Back and Tough Mudder's are a favourite. I  practice Jiu-jitsu and enjoy watching MMA.

I love to move and I never shy away from a challenge.

You should always challenge the boundaries of life; what you do not push wont move!

My thoughts on Richard, by Andy

Show me someone who doesn't instantly love Richie and I will show you someone with no heart.

Richie is the nicest person you will meet.

I could leave it at that, but that wouldn't exactly do him justice.

I have known Richie since childhood. Having gone our own ways for a few years, he ended up training with me around 2011-ish onwards... and the rest is still being written.

Richie is an absolute rock. He manages to balance being a husband, a father, having a full time job and coaching here and makes it look easy. When I think my day is tough I think of Richie and I get on with it.

It's hard to put to words just how selflessly he helped us grow during the early days. He has an innate empathy about him, which is probably why everyone warms to him so easily. He also has tonnes of life experience, which makes him a unique coach and one very important to us. He is non-judgemental, willing to help you grow without making you feel incapable.

I owe Richie more than he knows. He is more special than most people know too, as he keeps his broad amount of skills behind a humble, cheeky smile.

Being a coach here is so much more than six-packs, instagram selfies and discount codes for protein drinks...

Being a business built 100% around the people here, having actual life experience that people can either relate to, lean on, or learn from, is, in my opinion, one of the most important things a coach can offer.

Richie has it in spades and that's why we love him

I also feel like most of his 2nd life has just started to blossom now and I'm looking forward to being a part of it