One Week Tryout

One Week Tryout


Take a full week to experience how we take care of our members

In a full week here you will get everything you need to see,

  • You get Full Body Strength+Conditioning

  • Individual Attention and Specific Exercises to get the best You in the shortest time

  • Flexibility Class

  • Handstands+Coffee

  • Fitness-specific Class

  • Gymnastic Rings

  • Functional EVERYTHING

  • Our special group buzz

There was only so much we could show in one trial class, so we have switched to giving you a whole week to try ANY 4 classes in 7 days before deciding to join

In this week you’ll know everything you need to know

  • We’ll improve your alignment

  • Strengthen your Upper Body, Lower Body + Core

  • Bring you through some Conditioning

  • We’ll increase your ability to use your own body

  • We’'ll shift the paradigm of how you think training should be, We work hard but we make sure it’s enjoyable

  • You’ll see the direct clear path to progress

  • You’ll get EVERY and any questions you have answered

We’re confident you’ll love it here, but we still want you to feel it

Book your place now, and fill in the screening form at

We’ll be in touch before your first class to guide you to what classes will suit you best based off your own goals, so please expect a call.

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