You're joining AM Fitness or taking a Free Trial Class - that's awesome! Here are your terms and conditions, made as clear and concise as possible, which is us initiating a good relationship with you built on solid communication, honesty and clarity. Please take the actual time to read through and make sure you are happy with everything. Once you sign up you are agreeing to these terms, excluding your Free Trial Class, of course.


  • Initial sign up is a 12 week commitment to whichever package you have signed up for
  • There is a 2 week cancellation/pause* policy in effect from your 10th week onward
  • We use Stripe as our secure payment system. Payments are taken at the start of each month via your debit/credit card details provided. These payments are taken automatically once registered
  • Your first payment will be made prorata for the remainder of your first month, based of a weekly price which is 1/4 of the monthly membership price
  • Please ensure you have the correct amount of money in your account for those dates. Stripe will retry twice should there be an issue, and failing that we will contact you. We kindly ask for your to stay on top of this so that we can minimise our own admin time in order to focus on making your experience much more enjoyable with that time saved.
  • You must book your classes in advance to guarantee your place. We cap our class number at a small, very manageable amount of members per coach. This is to maintain our high standards. To avoid missing out on your preferred class time please book your weeks' classes each Sunday. It is extremely rare that someone would ever be booked out of a class, and that is BECAUSE of this system. Our booking system is and is the fastest and simplest app we have found, in your favour.
  • IMPORTANT; Once you are on a membership subscription, there is no classes, days or weeks paused for events such as holidays, minor sickness, funerals and so forth. Much like everyone still has to pay their rent, mortgage, insurance and taxes... our bills are always due. We are a small family business who rely on the consistency of our members to grow. We provide ample opportunity to come to each class type and always bend to suit our members as much as possible within the context of class flow and benefits to members. Over the last 4 years we have quadrupled studio size, added coaching staff, added many more class times and types, and upgraded the Flux membership to 4 classes from 3, at NO EXTRA COST. We have done this to add so much value to your life that in return, all we ask is that you understand our need to charge monthly. It is, in the end, up to you to value that (or not) and decide if it suits you (or not). All we are asking is that you understand and agree to the terms BEFORE committing to join so that there is no confusion when a situation arises.
  • With that said, cancellation, pausing or refunding of membership is still at the discretion of AM Fitness and in certain circumstances we are of course, human, empathetic and open to discussion.
  • Your membership price will be honoured forever if you don't leave. However, if you need to leave, you will be asked to pay the current price. This is our way of saying we love your loyalty and we hope to have you for a lifetime of health.
  • We use social media as our main marketing tool, and so there will be pictures taken of exercises performed by members. If you do not wish to be pictured directly for social media purposes please advise upon reading this to
  • Please never bring up a membership issue with a coach. Their job is to coach, and a situation in person can make it awkward for more than just the client and coach. Email with any issues, queries, concerns, changes in physical state (pregnancy, stress, illness etc)
  • You are a part of our priority, which is the overall group. The group is the defining factor, so be nice, be open enough to say hi, and goodbye, and if you are in a position to help someone please do. We lead by example with how we like the place to feel, please pay it forward and keep the place special
  • Tidy up your equipment after use as you found it, with respect to the next class to come into.
  • In principal, get what you want by asking whatever questions you have and be open to enjoying yourself but working for what you want. It doesn't have to be fun to be fun. And it doesn't all have to feel like work to work.
  • Once you have signed below you have agreed to our terms and conditions and we genuinely thank you for being and becoming a part of a special tribe
Terms & Conditions Form - MUST BE SIGNED BEFORE JOINING *
By signing below you agree to our terms and conditions and understand that you are entering into a contract with AM Fitness.