Me in 10 seconds

I am a movement deconstructor. I like spending hours analysing frame by frame YouTube videos to understand the mechanics of the movements that interest me. Weird? Hell yeah!

I come across laid back, but I am hard-working. Movement has always been part of my life, and with AM Fitness Andy provided me with the perfect frame for me to dedicate myself fully to it.

I like nature and the environment. Saving the planet will probably take more than cartwheels though.

I like living on the edge of the comfort zone because, worst-case scenario, it will give me a good story to tell my friends.

I also have a French accent. Is that a pro or a con? You decide.

My journey

Back in Paris, I trained capoeira, tumbling and circus successively for several years each, without ever getting too competitive about it. I have encountered many different types of teachers, faced many roadblocks in the process, and injured myself along the way. If you don’t see the link between the three, keep reading.

I tried to align my needs with the content of the classes I was taking, believing conformity was the key to results. I also fell into the trap of the “talented professor”, who can do 5 backflips but does not have a student who can do one properly.

Part of me sensed the need to create my own system of training on the side, as I felt I did not have time to integrate some of the elements covered in class. This was the first step towards self-exploration and movement deconstruction.

The movement culture then bloomed, and my encounter with Ido Portal opened my eyes to the importance of strength and prehab training for athletes and artists who want to last in the long run. I had forgotten about Darwin. We don’t operate over the same bodies. Just because a teacher or fellow trainer does it in one specific way does not mean it’s good or efficient for you. Just because it works for you does not mean it does for your members. Assistance training is of the essence when training for skills. This was the second step in my movement journey.

By that time I had moved to Ireland, met Andy, Anthony and the entire AM Fitness family. It was the perfect place for me to dig deeper into these concepts of prehab, mobility and strength training, and observe how they are intrinsically intertwined with skills. I also kept exposing myself to different sources of knowledge and wisdom, such as Tony Riddle, Tom Weksler, Steve Batts, Blandine Calais-Germain & Emmet Louis, amongst others.

Over the years, I got used to the Irish accent and, more importantly, understood how movement was a component of a much bigger picture: happiness and wellbeing, which include social, physical, emotional, spiritual needs. And I realised that AM Fitness had become way more than a place to train, get trained and exchange knowledge. It is a tribe. Coaches and members don’t only move together, they grow together.


Late 2015 I started teaching handstands. And at the beginning of 2016 I started the Move & Flow classes.

My coaching philosophy

I use my experience in Capoeira & tumbling but also in different kind of solo and partner dances to invite our members into their own journey of movement self-exploration.

As of today, I could structure my philosophy into several key points:

·         Your body is unique. Go for the knowledge. Go to workshops. Work with others. Get inspired by others. But don’t settle for this. What works for him/her does not necessarily work for you. You are the own captain of your own boat. Educate yourself. Take everything with a grain of salt. My role is to make sure you will take care of this boat and that you use it to your full potential.

·         Listen to your needs. The more you move, the more in tune you will get with what’s happening inside. You don’t have to get spiritual about it. You will feel the need to move more, especially when you are stuck in a sofa, a car or at work. You will be more sensitive to your own needs. Your inner emotions. What makes you happy. THIS is the big picture. Short-term goals are good, but don’t settle for them.

·         Think sustainability. How sustainable is your practice? Am I willing to sacrifice joint health for the sake of reaching my goal quicker, or would I rather prepare them in a structured way so that your body becomes healthier and stronger and ready to face the stresses of life? Talented movers and dancers often forget about this. So do people who throw acrobatics on concrete without proper preparation. Then comes Darwin and, trust me, his ghost does not spare any of those who were not particularly gifted by the gene pool.

·         Think self-expression. At the end of the day, it’s all about play. About not caring how you look like, but feeling your whole body enjoying every bit of your movements. It will become incredibly liberating if you let it break through the layers of social conditioning. Dogs don’t care what you think of them when they play, and neither should you. People with more fitness-y background often forget about this. Sure you want to be able to do a round off. Now comes the time to ask yourself Why.

My thoughts on Vincent, by Andy

Having travelled, and met all the guru's and good guys, I always return to Vincent as my favourite coach. His ability to primarily trust that being himself is what makes him special, because we all benefit from people who are unique. Vincent's strength is his ability and passion in taking complex movements, breaking them down to easily understood movements, and building them back up - so that you and I, who feel uncoordinated, can actually do things we though way beyond our ability.

A recurring theme with coaches here is that Vincent is also family through and through. Since turning up from Paris one very cold and dark winters morning and becoming a member, to growing into not only a coaches role, but a coaches role teaching his very own specialities, Vincent has stamped his style on our city.

Everyone who knows Vincent is close to him. It's impossible to not fall for his French charm. You could travel the world in search of someone like Vincent. Luckily, he landed on our doorstep and we claimed him :)